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Arab League, Israel and the US

Officials of the Arab league have held talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry at the Blair House, over issues surrounding the Middle East peace process and regional disturbances they are facing. The meeting which was attended by many ministers was described by Kerry as “an opportunity to be able to talk frankly.” One […]

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Casablanca Museum of Moroccan Judaism Renovated

After months of renovation work, the Casablanca-based Museum of Moroccan Judaism, the only institution of its kind in the Arab world, was reopened to the public earlier this month. The reopening ceremony was attended by Moroccan government officials and the museum President Jaques Toledano. The museum displays photos of synagogues from across the kingdom, Torah […]

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Turkey sidelines joint military intervention

Neighbors of troubled Syria have raised concerns about the risk of the civil war crossing borders, with fears that the government has been using chemical gas on its citizens. They have also sidelined a joint force intervention led by the US, but are willing to back a limited military action if the use of chemical […]

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China threatens Spanish fisheries

Cephalopod fleet of the Galician fishing sector is concerned about what seems to be a very likely fishing agreement between Mauritania and China despite not being sure of whether it will fish in North African country’s shores again. Xavier Aboi, the head of the Galician Inter-Union Confederation –Mauritania (CIG-Mar) said the Spanish government must “directly” […]

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Bahrain prepares Africa’s invasion

Al Baraka Bank of Bahrain has a five-year expansion plan to increase the scope of its global network especially in Africa, and putting more emphasis on Libya and Morocco. The bank is an Islamic lender bank present in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Part of its ambitions is to double group assets and income […]

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Iran wants to cooperate with the IAEA

Iran’s ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency supervision (IAEA) has opened the country’s doors to the European countries and the United States for a “long-term strategic cooperation” rather than trying to put a stop to the nuclear program of one of its “most reliable, strong and stable partner in the region.” He lambasted the […]

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Egypt seeks nuclear power

Egypt has decided to begin work on its nuclear ambitions as soon as possible, as it awaits the arrival of the Russians to help in the implementation plans on the nuclear power station, located near the Mediterranean coast at Dabaa; the country’s first nuclear power station. An experimental reactor will also be developed at Anshas. […]

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Football: new stadiums for the African Cup

Libya’s deputy Prime Minister has revealed a $ 314 million plan to construct stadiums as part of preparations to host the African Cup of Nations (ANC) in 2017, with the hope that the event will play a major role in reunifying the country. The announcement came a day after the International Federation of Association Football […]

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Algeria Hosts 1st International Air Show Next October

Algeria will organize next October 8-10 its first international air show, pinning high hopes on the event to draw the investors and aircraft manufactures interest and convince them to come and open plants in the North African country. The show will be attended by various key professional exhibitors and major manufacturers of commercial jetliners, military […]

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Jailed Ethiopian Journalist Wins UNESCO Freedom Prize

Ethiopian journalist Reeyot Alemu, detained since June 2011, has been awarded the 2013 UNESCO-Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom Prize in recognition of her “exceptional courage, resistance and commitment to freedom of expression,” announced the UNESCO on Tuesday. An independent international jury of media professionals took note of Reeyot Alemu’s contribution to numerous and independent publications. […]

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