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Libya thrusts $2 billion in Egypt

Egypt’s Central Bank has received a deposit of $2 billion from Libya. The amount is reported to come from the Libyan investments in Egypt. Questioned about the reasons behind such a move, the Libyan Central Bank governor highlighted that the stakes it has in the country oblige it to lend a hand. Libya’s stakes in […]

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A UAE-SA Made Precision-Guided Munition Suceeds Tests

A precision-guided munition, made part of a United Arab Emirates- South African joint venture, has completed tests successfully, it was announced earlier this week. The precision-guided munition (PGM), dubbed Al Tariq, was developed by Tawazun Dynamics, joint venture between South African State-owned missile and unmanned air vehicle company Denel Dynamics and UAE company Tawazun Holdings. […]

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Yemen: on the path to restoring stability

Transiting to democracy has been a desire dear to Yemenis for the past year since former President left power.  However all attempts to do so were again and again destabilized by people still loyal to Abduallah Salleh, who was forced from office. This situation was one that the US and its Arabian Gulf allies wished […]

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Women and the Western Wall

In Jerusalem’s Old City many Jewish faith followers come to The Western Wall to pray even though there have been for the past 24 years a dispute over who is entitled in praying in front of the wall. This dispute is one that has been bothering mostly US Jews that wish the end of the […]

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Anti-Semitic Acts on the Rise Mainly in Europe

Acts of violence against Jews and Jewish institutions throughout the world have recorded a 30 percent increase in 2012. The findings came in a report made public earlier this week by Tel-Aviv University which singled out France as the country having recorded the largest number of anti-Semitic acts. “Last year witnessed a noteworthy increase in […]

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Al Qaeda: From Iraq to Syria

Since the beginning of the war in Syria it has been known that a jihadist fighting group has been playing an important role and concerns were raised that this group was receiving aid from neighboring countries. For the past seven months this group was first perceived by Syrians as a provider of help when basic […]

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Abu Dhabi Hosts the WTTC

Abu Dhabi welcomed on Monday top executives ahead of the annual World Tourism & Travel Council which is the most important tourism event of the year. It opens the door for the world to see the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi not only to the top tourist executives but also for the public as a […]

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Saudi Arabia solution for job creation: deportation?

Very recently, Saudi Arabia has decided to be stricter on the regulation on foreign labor.  According to their law, a foreign worker can get a visa only if sponsored by his employer, but most of the expatriates change often their jobs without transferring their paper, making their situation in the country illegal. This project has […]

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Kurdistan: OMV expanding its operations

The Kurdistan region of Iraq, Bina Bawi, has attracted an Austrian Oil company, OMV, which is also partly owned by the Abu Dhabi government, holding 24.9% stake. This company is already pumping gas in this region and it has set its eyes to further widen their business operating to pumping oil as well. OMV sights […]

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Palestine: Tensions Over Dead Prisoner

Israel fired two rockets yesterday to the South as a warning to Palestinians that were starting to cause trouble. They did it also as an attempt to warn the Syrians as it seemed their war was spilling to Gaza. The tensions first started when a Palestinian prisoner died of throat cancer that wasn’t treated even […]

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