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First Iraqi plane to land in Kuwait in 22 years

The first Iraqi plane to fly to Kuwait in 22 years landed on Wednesday on the tarmac of the international airport of Kuwait City with on board the Iraqi Foreign and Transport ministers. Relations were severed between the two countries in 1990 after the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein invaded the Gulf Emirate. Relations were […]

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Dubai, a Leading Islamic Bond Market

”Transforming Dubai into a global centre for Islamic Sukuk” is a new initiative that was announced on Wednesday by the emirate’s Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. The new initiative is meant to position the UAE as a leading economy in the Islamic world, he […]

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Palestine: stability still not acquired before Obama’s visit

The Israeli army confirmed on Tuesday that during the clashes that occurred a day before live ammunitions were employed leading to two teenagers being shot. The first shooting occurred when Udi Sirkhan 16 was according to his grandfather walking by an Israeli military post after the burial of Arafat Jaradat that triggered a spark of […]

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Iran: First Day Of Nuclear Negotiations

The long awaited nuclear talk was resumed in a hotel in Kazakhstan after a wait of eight long months. This discussion that reunited Iran and the world’s six greatest powers was opened on Tuesday after a plenary sessions with diplomats from the seven countries. In this meeting that brought top politicians from Iran, US, UK, […]

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Moroccan Holding Saham eyeing additional investments in Africa?

Saham Group, one of the largest Moroccan companies operating in the sectors of insurance, health plans, roadside assistance, and other sectors, looks determined to expand its presence in Africa, two years after buying the second largest continental insurer, Ivory-coast based Colina Group, and one year after buying Lebanon’s second largest insurance company Lia. It this […]

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U.S.-Israeli Company Authorized to Drill Oil in Occupied Golan

The Israeli Ministry of Energy and Water Resources has awarded the U.S.-Israeli company “Genie Energy” a licence for oil exploration in the Syrian Golan Heights, occupied by Israel since the 1967 Six Day War and annexed in 1981. The timing of the licence awarding has stirred mitigated responses. While Israeli expansion supporters and war hawks […]

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UAE: facilitating access to less polluting transportation

In an effort to encourage Emiratis and tourists passing by Dubai to stop using their cars and instead use more environment friendly pedal power Dubai is launching a new incentive to get around the country. By establishing bicycles rental service in areas such as Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina this operation led by the German […]

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Ramallah: Prisoner beaten to death?

An international investigation was called upon by the Palestinian government after the autopsy of a prisoner in Israel showed that he was beaten to death. According to the Palestinian doctor that was present during the autopsy Arafat Jaradat who was a 30 year old Palestinian under Israel’s custody had injuries such as bruising, signs of […]

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Yemen: stabilizing the electricity situation

New prepaid electricity meters are being installed by Yemen’s Ministry of Electricity in order to replace the old meters where users paid after using electricity. The corporation decided to use this new system of payment because of the great confusion that was created by the fact that many consumers as well as government institutions did […]

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UAE: Dubai under tighter camera surveillance

In Dubai the government is installing electronic surveillance system all over this town. It is estimated that up till now private and public sectors in Dubai monitor the public every day of the week with 30000 closed-circuit television cameras. In order to improve the security in the country the Police force is going to install […]

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