UAE: Dubai under tighter camera surveillance

uae-camera-surveillanceIn Dubai the government is installing electronic surveillance system all over this town. It is estimated that up till now private and public sectors in Dubai monitor the public every day of the week with 30000 closed-circuit television cameras. In order to improve the security in the country the Police force is going to install 250 new cameras every year so that areas that cause problems are well guarded.
The innovation the authorities are adding to the installation is that artificial intelligence security software will be used. This type of equipment is expected to function in dense or isolated areas to capture abnormal activities in order to warn authorities. According to the director of crime prevention Colonel Ahmad Thani Bin Ghulaita these CCTV cameras will allow crimes to be prevented from happening.  Since the installed software has the capacity to spot unusual activities by itself it will facilitate the monitoring done by police forces.
He added that this software has a preventative crime computer programming that have allowed  remarkable results in Britain which is said to be one of the world’s “most watched” countries since there are so many cameras in public areas. In Dubai it is estimated that 22 areas are considered as “hot areas” since most crimes mainly car theft and shoplifting happen there. However Dubai Police has to face a new problem: finding new locations for the new cameras is becoming more and more complicated since they want to install them in residential areas on the top of some buildings.
At times they face resistance from owner who refuse to believe that their privacy won’t be invaded. That is why officials are trying to convince the population that these cameras will make Dubai “the safest oasis.”

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