Palestine: stability still not acquired before Obama’s visit

Arafat-JaradatThe Israeli army confirmed on Tuesday that during the clashes that occurred a day before live ammunitions were employed leading to two teenagers being shot. The first shooting occurred when Udi Sirkhan 16 was according to his grandfather walking by an Israeli military post after the burial of Arafat Jaradat that triggered a spark of protests.
While an Israeli surgeon was trying to remove the bullet from his brain the Israeli forces were accusing the young boy of trying to torch the army post.  The other shooting of Mohammed Khaled Qurd a 13 year-old was captured on film by a human rights group called B’Tselem which showed that the teenager was standing at a far distance from where the firebombs were being thrown although he was throwing rocks at the military post. Rushed to the nearest Palestinian hospital this one managed however to have a stabilized condition even though he received two bullets.
These casualties were of course condemned by the United Nations but on Tuesday morning the first rockets were launched into Israel after three months by Al-Aqsa militants in Gaza that took the responsibility for the attack.
This move was not appreciated by the United Nations that had expected “maximum restraint” before President Barack Obama’s expected visit in a month.
Although the media is trying to send the message that a new armed revolt might occur in a very near future experts on the regions Politics believe that Palestinians lacked the capability to stage a third intifada which is proved by the fact that the people that are being shot at are teenagers and not adults who would “ form the crucial middle command providing the organization needed for a mass uprising” since most of them have been killed during the second intifada.

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