Saudi Fund Injects $3.5 Billion into Uber

Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF,) the oil-rich kingdom’s long-term sovereign investment arm, has pumped $3.5 billion into Uber and will henceforth occupy a seat as a member of the Board of Directors. The amount is the highest solitary amount Read more

GCC-Russia Cooperating against Regional Challenges

A meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavorv and the President of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Adel Al-Jubeir, Saudi Arabia’s foreign affairs minister, focused on various topical regional issues, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa, and discussed Read more

MENA: Pope Slams West for Imposing Westernized Democracy Model

Pope Francis questioned what he called the West’s “cultural colonialism” in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) especially in war torn countries where it is trying to impose its vision of democracy whilst fighting against the terrorism of Islamist Read more

Bilateral Cooperation, Topical International Issues Reviewed at Moroccan-Russian Summit Talks

President Vladimir Putin and King Mohammed VI, who is on an official visit to Russia, held Tuesday in Moscow, talks that centered on pressing issues of bilateral relations, but also on topical international and regional issues, with focus on the Read more

French Observatory Praises Morocco’s Anti-Extremism Strategies

Charles Saint-Prot, Head of the Paris-based Observatory of Geopolitical Studies praised Morocco for its exceptional counter-terrorism strategies which are, he said, the result of King Mohammed VI’s clear vision of religious matters. Speaking in an interview with “Teathrum Belli” published Read more

Egypt’s Ambassador’s arrival welcomed by Israel after 3 years of absence

Cairo and Tel Aviv confirmed on Sunday that Egypt’s new ambassador to Israel, Hazem Khairat, arrived on Friday and would soon be presenting his credentials. The North African country recalled its ambassador from the Jewish state in 2012 under the Read more

Libya antiquities in danger, International Council of Museums warns

After destroying antiquities in their controlled areas in Iraq and Syria, there are fears that militants of the Islamic State group in Libya would embark on a similar campaign according to a statement released by the International Council of Museums Read more