Counter-Terrorism: Morocco to join Europol’s Selected List of Counter-Terrorism Partners

The kingdom of Morocco is to expand its partners in the fight against terrorism as an agreement with Europol (European Police Office) is in the pipeline, reports say. The announcement was made by the North African country’s Interior Minister Mohamed Read more

Israel: IAEA votes against inspecting Israeli nuclear facilities

Israel emerged victorious on Thursday at the International Atomic Energy Agency General Assembly vote against a resolution calling for inspecting and monitoring Israel’s nuclear facilities including the reactor in Domina. The nonbinding resolution entitled ‘Israel’s nuclear capabilities’ was tabled by Read more

Israel: Come to Jerusalem not to ICC, President Rivlin

President Rivlin of Israel is discouraging Palestinians from taking their differences with the Jewish state to the International Criminal Court (ICC) because it is not the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Tel Aviv has already started lobbying for countries to Read more

Jordan submits draft resolution and seeks further consultation, voting not now

Jordan has submitted the draft resolution setting a timeframe for Israel’s withdrawal on occupied lands but hinted that it will seek for further consultation rather than a quick vote. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the United Nations Security Council Read more