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Morocco’s Largest Agricultural Fair Draws over 1230 Exhibitors, over 800,000 Visitors

Morocco’s International Agricultural Fair (SIAM 2017), held in Meknes on April 18-23 under the theme: “Agribusiness and sustainable agricultural value chain,” drew an unprecedented number of 1230 exhibitors. Nearly 810,000 people have visited he fair, said Jaouad Chami, director of the 12th edition of the Fair, who was speaking to the press on the last […]

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KSA: King Salman and al-Sisi discuss strategic relations

Abdelfettah al-Sisi of Egypt arrived in Riyadh on Sunday in honor of King Salman’s invitation and they would be discussing “regional and international issues of common interest.” The invitation was made in March on the sidelines of the Arab Summit in Jordan. Cairo stated that the visit will contribute to “bolstering strategic relations between the […]

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Libya: GNA and HoR reach agreement to “stop the bleeding”

Representatives of the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) and the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR), State Council president Abdulrahman Sewehli and president Ageela Saleh respectively, reached an agreement to “stop the bleeding as well as (ensure) the return of displaced persons.” The agreement was brokered following talks in Rome presided over by the Italian […]

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Algeria and Morocco tussle over Syrian refugees

Morocco’s Interior Ministry scolded Algerian authorities for their “immoral and unethical” actions with regards to 54 Syrian nationals who tried to “illegally enter” Morocco from Algeria, between April 17 and 19 through the mountainous border town of Figuig. Rabat deplored the actions by the Algerians “to manipulate the moral and physical distress of these people” […]

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Rabat, Havana Resume Diplomatic relations Ushering New Era

Morocco and Cuba have decided to resume their diplomatic relations severed in 1980. A memorandum of understanding was signed Friday in New York by the two countries’ ambassadors to the United Nations. The resumption of Moroccan-Cuban relations, which opens new era for the two countries, comes after the private visit paid lately by King Mohammed […]

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Iran: Ahmadinejad ousted from presidential race for “no reason”

Ahmadinejad’s application to be a candidate is Iran’s May presidential election has been rejected by the Guardian Council, the body that vets applicants, according to the Interior Ministry. The decision does not seem to come as a surprise after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s urged him not to run for elections because it is “not […]

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Trump to Italian PM, US has no Role in Libya

Italy’s Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni’s call for the US to undertake a significant role in war torn Libya has been turned down by President Donald Trump. In a joint press conference at the White House, Gentiloni stated that “we need a stable and unified Libya” and “the US role in this is critical.” Trump’s response […]

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Egypt and Sudan agreed on mutual security

At the end of the Egyptian-Sudanese political consultation committee meetings on Thursday in Khartoum, the foreign ministers of the two countries held a joint press conference renewing their efforts to foster the ties between their governments after the recent setbacks in their relations. Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour said the government “will not allow any […]

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Middle East: Trump to host Abbas next month in build-up to conference on conflict

The White House Wednesday announced that U.S. President will receive leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas early next month as part of President Trump’s attempt to revive suffocating peace efforts between Israelis and Palestinians. The announcement comes one month after phone talk between the two leaders. In March President Trump phoned Abbas to pledge […]

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Egypt: ‘President Trump requested U.S. charity worker’s release’ US diplomat

A U.S. diplomat in Washington has revealed to London-based Qatari “The New Arab” that President Donald Trump has intervened in the release of US charity worker Aya Hijazi arrested nearly three years ago in Egypt for child abuse and human trafficking. The diplomat who spoke under condition of anonymity told the Qatari media that the […]

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