Israel Poised to Expose Obama to American People for Backing UN Anti-Settlement Resolution

Tel Aviv seems not ready to swallow the latest UN resolution condemning Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territories. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s team strongly believes that US outgoing President Barack Obama is behind the adoption of the UN resolution as Read more

Foreign Ministry Rebukes SG of Istiqlal Party for Verbal Blunders Prejudicial to Ties with Mauritania

The foreign affairs ministry has issued Monday a statement rejecting and rebuking in the strongest terms the verbal blunders uttered by the Istiqlal party’s Secretary General, Hamid Chabat, regarding the borders and the territorial integrity of Mauritania. Chabat said at Read more

Israel: Pakistan Reminds Tel Aviv that it has Nuclear Weapons Too

Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif warned Israel that they have nuclear power and would use it on the Jewish state after a news agency quoted former Israeli Defense Minister Yaalon stressing that “if Pakistan send [sic] ground troops into Read more

Syria: Damascus Hails, Rebels Deplore Fall of Aleppo

The Syrian government has described the recapturing of Aleppo as a “victory” that marks “an important turning point” in the country’s more than five-year old war as it looks forward to taking over other rebel-held territories. Rebel groups admitted that Read more

Israel Hints it is Implicated in Tunisian Engineer’s Assassination in Sfax

Israel defense minister vigdor Liberman has stopped short to claim Israel’s responsibility in the assassination of Tunisian engineer Mohammed Al-Zawahri also known as a Hamas militant. “If someone was killed in Tunisia, he’s not likely to be a peace activist Read more