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Kuwait’s efforts of reconciliation between Gulf States

Kuwait is leading diplomatic efforts to mend the broken ties between members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and hopes that the Arab Summit to be held next week, from the 25th to the 26th, will be a major opportunity to dissolve the tension. Three of the six members of the regional body have withdrawn […]

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Bahrain: King’s 3-day visit to Pakistan

Shaikh Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa of Bahrain accompanied with a high ranking delegation composed of cabinet members, government officials and important businessmen has begun a three-day visit to Pakistan. He was welcomed by the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Both countries will be using the visit as a means of reinforcing their relations and cooperation […]

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Pt Mahmoud Abbas Seeks US Backing for Independent Palestinian State

President Mahmoud Abbas, who is visiting Washington, is seeking the US help and backing to push forward the stalled peace processes with the Israelis. During his meeting at the White House with US president Barack Obama, M. Abbas renewed his urgent call for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state based “on the 1967 borders […]

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Iran: Khomeni Offers “Carte Blanche” to Nuclear Negotiators

Speculations are surrounding the buildup to the next round of negotiations between the Iran, members of the Security Council and Germany. The U.S and its European affairs fears that the Ukraine-Crimea political discord will not be used by Russia in the negotiations. Iranian negotiators are said to have received a “carte blanche” to convince other […]

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Saudi Arabia and China strengthen cooperation

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has concluded his four day tour in Beijing that began on the 13th of March by signing several aspects of cooperation before issuing a joint statement. He held meetings with China’s political key figures amongst which are the President Xi Jinping, Vice President Li Yuanchao and […]

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas Meets UK PM

Head of the Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas has received lately in the West Bank town of Bethlehm British Prime Minister David Cameron during his Middle East trip to rekindle the peace process. “The situation in Gaza is unacceptable. There are 1.7 million people living in Gaza, a huge number are reliant for their life on […]

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Syria : presidential elections might lead to chaos

Efforts to end the Syrian crisis could drastically head for a failure if Damascus holds presidential elections before the end of the year. Mediator Brahimi is convinced that it will lead to more chaos because “all the opposition” will turn away from the negotiating table. Government officials said it is a part of their sovereign […]

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Kuwait to Pay over $12 Bln for Refineries Overhaul

Kuwait, one of the world major oil producers and exporters, is expected to start upgrading two of its major refineries to avoid costly shutdowns. But the overhaul will cost the Gulf state more than $12 billion. International bids were launched and approved lately for the overhaul of the Mina Al Ahmadi refinery which is capable […]

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Israel: Gaza on the brink of war

Rockets fired into Israel by the Al-Quds Brigade have been followed by fighter jets bombing targets in the Gaza strip. The new wave of violence could probably surpass that of 2012. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the Gaza Strip should be retaken while Hamas spokesmanIhab al-Ghassinhas warned that there will be consequences if the situation […]

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Jordan/Israel: the Peace Deal Cancelation Gains Weight

The killing of Jordanian magistrate of Palestinian decent Raed Zueter by Israeli soldiers at the border crossing between the West Bank and Jordan has fuelled anti-Israeli sentiments. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has released a statement citing that “Israel regrets” its actions. Jordan is one of the only countries along with Egypt to sign a peace […]

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