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Sudan peacekeepers under attack

The African Union-UN Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) came under an ambush leaving one dead and injuring three others. However, what seems to surprise UNAMID the most is the type of weapons used by the unidentified assailant during the attack because it is considered to be the first time such weapons were used. The spokeswoman of […]

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KSA: sea freight shipments facilities expansion

The opening of the more $2 million Dammam Terminal Yard has been announced by Globe Express Services (Overseas Group) as part of its expansion program. The terminal yard located at the Dammam Sea Port Zone on the Arabian Gulf covers a surface area of 23,000m2 and will help in easing the pressure on company’s existing […]

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AXA reveals expansion plan

AXA insurance is undertaking an intensive expansion plan in the Middle East after positive results in the region. It revealed its plans of a $60 million expansion investment budget during a period of three years to maintain its market position as a leading non-life international insurer in the region. The insurance company is willing to […]

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Over $ 5 Mln Loan for Tunisia Micro-Finance

The Tunisian government has received over $ 5 Million loan from the European Investment Bank and Luxembourg to enable microfinance institutions continue to support poor, low-income or unsalaried borrowers so that they can depend on themselves and meet their basic needs through self-employed activities. This Euro-Mediterranean financial assistance was released within the frame of the […]

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The Turkish airline expansion project

Turkey’s flag carrier, Turkish Airlines, is eyeing an expansion project to double its fleet in less than a decade. Despite the economic crisis, the company has been expanding and a look at its figures shows that the demand is high unlike other airlines in the region. It reported about 21% growth in the first nine […]

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Palestine: Gaza gets development projects

The Gaza strip will be undergoing modernization after Qatar pledged to take care of projects worth $254 million. These projects will help in rebuilding Gaza after its destruction by an Israeli military offensive in 2009. Work on these projects will begin in less than three months amongst which a highway project running the length of […]

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Bahrain seduces Scotland’s investment office

Bahrain is set to attract Scottish investments in information technology and food and beverages as the country’s development board eyes greater presence in the region and the executive accountant of Scottish Development International (SDI), Sreenath Somanath, confirmed it by admitting that “Bahrain is very much on the radar.” Scotland is working hard to take its […]

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UAE: new strategy of the Dubai Mercantile Exchange

The new chief executive of Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME) wants to change the way the exchange has been operating. He is thinking of refreshing its Oman crude futures contract by attracting major consumers and Middle East banks, rather than national oil company (NOC) producers in the region. He wants DME to concentrate more on local […]

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The Iranian blackmail: blocking the Strait of Hormuz

Reports originating from a German magazine called Der Spiegel have stated that Iran has set up plans to block the Strait of Hormuz by causing an environmental disaster. According to the report, Iran is planning to do such an act in order to have its sanctions lifted which are affecting its economy.  It is said […]

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Mauritania: conflicting reports about attack on president

President Mohammed ould Abdelaziz was slightly injured Saturday after soldiers opened fire on his motorcade, reports said. The president has been admitted to the military hospital in capital city, Nouakchott, where he underwent a surgery. On Sunday, he was airlifted to France for further medical treatment. Official sources, trying to reassure the Mauritanian people, said […]

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