Bahrain seduces Scotland’s investment office

Bahrain is set to attract Scottish investments in information technology and food and beverages as the country’s development board eyes greater presence in the region and the executive accountant of Scottish Development International (SDI), Sreenath Somanath, confirmed it by admitting that “Bahrain is very much on the radar.”
Scotland is working hard to take its share in the Middle East and it has developed several strategies to penetrate different markets and into different sectors. It is already looking forward to organizing a food and beverages exhibition in Bahrain next month in partnership with Bahrain Maritime and Mercantile International.
Although Sreenath Somanath admitted that energy is most attracting factor to the Middle East, Scotland won’t hesitate to encourage Scottish investors to invest in tourism, information technology and beverages. He added that they are “currently advising Scottish companies on a case-to-case basis, when they show interest in coming to Bahrain or expand into the larger Middle East.” Somananth said that investors from the region will be welcomed in Scotland.
Regarding technological investments, a representative of SDI Mark Hanna said that due to Scotland’s developed and capable know-how in the sector, they have something to offer to the region. He stated that their “branding strategy is much better and we’re looking to do business in the region.”
Nevertheless, the executive accountant of SDI seems to have an eye on other markets across the gulf. He said that they will like to go into the textile and aviation sector of the region. They are also getting plans to open an office in the oil rich kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to cut a slice of its lucrative Gulf market. He cited Dubai’s infrastructural developments and Saudi’s size and scope as major attractors.

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