Palestine’s Humanitarian situation Worsening

The humanitarian situation in Palestine is worrying due to Israel’s continued settlement activity in the West Bank and its adverse effects on economic development and Palestinians’ access to basic services, says UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs. The UN official also Read more

Syria rebuffs Arab troops intervention

Damascus has denounced Qatar’s proposal of sending Arab troops to Syria to help end the 10-months of bloody violence and clashes between government forces and protesters. Syrian Foreign ministry expressed “deep astonishment” over such a proposal which it flatly rejects, Read more

Yemen president Saleh seeks immunity from prosecution

A controversial draft law granting President Ali Abdullah Saleh immunity from prosecution has been submitted to the Parliament for approval. The bill, endorsed by the cabinet, pardons Saleh and his aides for any crimes committed during his 33-year rule, while Read more

New cabinet set up in Morocco

Morocco’s new Prime minister, Abdelilah Benkirane, leader of the moderate islamist Justice & Development Party (PJD), which won most seats in last novembre parliamentary elections, has unveiled his cabinet team after several weeks of laborious political consultations. The 30-member cabinet Read more