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Morocco Renews Support to Palestinian Statehood

King Mohammed VI has renewed Morocco’s unconditional support to Palestinian Statehood pointing out that it is one of the Palestinian people’s historical and legitimate rights to establish their independent State and denounced the Israeli settlement and Judaization policy in the city of Jerusalem, which must remain a symbol of inter-faith, intercultural tolerance and coexistence. In […]

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Palestine: Two of Khdeir’s murders convicted, third claims mental disorder

An Israeli court in Jerusalem convicted two Israeli youths for their role in the murder of 16-year old Palestinian Muhammad Abu Khdeir last year. The court adjourned to December the case of the third suspect believed to be the ring leader of the group, 31years old Ben David, after claims of mental disorder thereby paving […]

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Syria: Russia strikes Ariha, violates Israel’s airspace

Russia has intensified its operations in Syria against rebel groups and one of its airstrikes missions is believed to have bombed a busy market place in Ariha, a town controlled by The Army of Conquest in the Idlib province, killing at least a dozen and injuring many more. The town was taken over from government […]

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Europe-Turkey: EU proposes incentives to address migration

The European Union vowed to provide an initial €3 billion of additional resources to Turkey together with other incentives to help Ankara address the migration crisis. The EU will provide immediate and continuous humanitarian assistance to Turkey and will also expand significantly its overall financial support, the European Commission said in a statement released Sunday […]

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Israel opens diplomatic mission in UAE, first in Gulf

Israel has announced that it is finalizing the opening of a diplomatic office in the United Arab Emirates, which will begin its activities soon, while Abu Dhabi insists the mission is strictly limited to the activities of the UN International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA.) A senior Israeli government official hinted that the office will be […]

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Jordan, UAE sign MoU for SMES innovation & development

Jordan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in matters of innovation, research and promotion and development of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs.) The three-year agreement signed during the UAE-Jordan Economic forum is expected to develop a network that will encourage joint partnerships in SMEs technological innovation projects. State […]

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Israel halts diplomatic ties with EU

The Israeli government decided to suspend contacts with the European Union and its agencies on anything related to the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in a retaliatory move to the EU’s decision concerning the labeling of products made in the occupied territories. A foreign ministry statement said that Prime Minister Netanyahu, who also doubles as head of […]

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Morocco: Security forces foil IS-linked terrorist attacks, arrest 3 members

Morocco’s Interior Ministry announced Thursday it dismantled an ISIS-related cell that was grooming a woman to commit a suicide attack and planning terrorist assaults in the North African country. The ministry said in statement that the cell, made of two men and a woman, was active in Fez, central Morocco, Casablanca on the Atlantic coast […]

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Turkey presents new government, Erdogan’s allies dominant

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu presented the new Turkish government and most of those who were in the former cabinet were maintained. Former Deputy Premier Babacan is one of the key names omitted on the new list. The new cabinet, dominated by President Erdogan’s loyal allies, is expected to help Erdogan continue with his project of […]

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KSA: Saudi to behead 50, reports

There are reports that Saudi Arabia is preparing to behead at least 50 people found guilty of committing “terrorist crimes” or linked to terrorist groups. There has been no official statement from Riyadh but semi-official al-Riyadh newspaper reported the story putting the number at 52 before removing it from its website while Okaz newspaper said […]

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