Lebanon: Liberation, Resistance Day Speech Renews Nasrallah – Hariri Tussle

As part of celebrations marking Liberation and Resistance Day, Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah accused Arab States of “inaction” against Israel. He claimed that the Jewish State is Lebanon’s “main and real enemy” and continues to be its “biggest Read more

Israel opens diplomatic mission in UAE, first in Gulf

Israel has announced that it is finalizing the opening of a diplomatic office in the United Arab Emirates, which will begin its activities soon, while Abu Dhabi insists the mission is strictly limited to the activities of the UN International Read more

Syria: Vienna II announces less than 2 year transitional plan

The Vienna II meeting on the Syrian war, attended by 17 Western and Arab States and 3 organizations, agreed on a transitional timetable without dwelling much on the role of President Assad. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said although they Read more

Syria: ISIS on the retreat

Militants of the Islamic State had been on their back heels this week as they lost territories to the Assad government and to the rebels backed by the West and Arab States. Both sides owe their progress to Russia’s airstrikes Read more