Syria: US Ends Cooperation with Russia in Syrian War

The cooperation between Moscow and Washington in the Syrian war has been suspended due to increasing attacks on civilian areas but the US said efforts to de-conflict counterterrorism would continue. Announcing the decision, US Assistant Secretary and State Department spokesman, Read more

Syria: Vienna II announces less than 2 year transitional plan

The Vienna II meeting on the Syrian war, attended by 17 Western and Arab States and 3 organizations, agreed on a transitional timetable without dwelling much on the role of President Assad. German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said although they Read more

Iran: Nuclear agreement could become currency war between U.S and European allies

U.S Secretary of State has warned that the disapproval of the July 14 Nuclear agreement with Iran would lead to a crisis of the dollar in the long term and the questioning of the country’s “leadership and reliability.” Some members Read more

Iran: Nuclear negotiations at crossroads, differences could increase

Mixed reports are emerging from the negotiations in Vienna and there are possible hints that the talks could end without any agreement.  Although parties involved in the talks have been stating that they have never been so closer to an Read more