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Pentagon-Iraq: US Security officials deny working with Iran-backed fighters

Pentagon rejected claims that it is working with Shi’ite fighters at Iraqi military base where Iraqi fighters are being trained to overcome Sunni Islamic State insurgent group. Accused of backing sectarian fighting, US security officials acknowledged that there are Shi’ite fighters at Iraqi Taqaddum base where 450 US soldiers have been shipped for reinforcement but […]

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Libya: Tobruk-based Parliament ready to sign UN draft under number of conditions

Libya elected Parliament in Tobruk agreed on Wednesday to sign the fourth UN draft but only if amendments are made to the document. The UNSMIL last peace process round in Morocco ended with no agreement as the House of Representative based in the eastern city of Tobruk quitted the talks after they disagreed with the […]

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Kuwait: Shia parliamentarian resigns after ‘insult’ of sect

“‘Go and rectify your sect’” was enough of an insult for Faisal Al Duwaisan to tender his resignation as a Member of Parliament as he deplored that the parliament is unwilling to apply the bylaws of the parliament in such a situation. Duwaisan said he was verbally abused by fellow parliamentarian Hamdan Al Azimi in what […]

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Jordan: IMF pleased with progress ahead of final loan transfer

A delegation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) led by Kristina Kostial, Mission Chief for Jordan, has completed the Seventh and final Review program of Jordan’s economic program under the 36-month Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) for a loan around $2.1 billion. The conclusion of the final visit would enable Jordan to receive the remaining $400million payment of the agreed […]

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Libyan authorities vow to attack any EU vessel in their territorial waters

Libyan authorities have refused to collaborate with the European Union in its military operation against illegal migrant smuggler networks operating on the coasts of Libya as Air Force commander Saqr Geroushi warned EU on Tuesday that EU vessels could be targeted if they enter Libyan waters without clearance. “Any vessel found in Libyan waters without […]

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IS-Iraq: IS urges for more killing in Ramadan to win martyrdom

The Savage killing group ISIL on Tuesday called on Muslims around the world to practice more killing of infidels during this holy month of Ramadan so as to become martyrs and get closer to God. The call was launched by the spokesperson of the group, Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, in a video recording posted online in […]

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Turkey: MPs sworn in, Erdoğan yet to mandate government formation

The new members of the Turkish parliament met on Tuesday, two weeks after the elections, at the oath-taking ceremony marking the beginning of a new political tussle in the search for the establishment of a coalition government. None of the four parties in parliament won enough votes to have a majority thereby bringing an end […]

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Syria: Kurds get close to IS headquarters

Kurds fighting under the banner of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) claimed that they are about 50 kilomteres away from the Islamic State’s de facto capital Raqqa after recovering Ain Issa and its surrounding villages on Tuesday. The loss of Ain Issa could force the militants of the extremist group to withdraw to the outskirts […]

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France-Morocco: The Special Bond Withstands the Storms

French MPs approved Tuesday a landmark bill related to judicial cooperation with Morocco, France’s major trade partner and strategic ally in the Maghreb, Africa and around the world. With the endorsement of the new bill overhauling mutual judicial assistance between France and Morocco, the two countries have proven once again that their relationship can weather […]

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Syria: Training rebels challenging despite motivational efforts

Some of the Syrian rebels being trained by the U.S military to fight against the Islamic State have abandoned the program after they became aware that they can’t take part in battles against the Assad regime, according to reports. The Pentagon affirmed on Monday that rebels receive between $250 and $400 monthly according to their […]

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