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Morocco’s King Condemns Brutal Israeli Aggression in Gaza, Deplores Catastrophic Situation in Several Arab Countries

King Mohammed VI of Morocco has reiterated his strong condemnation of what he described as “the brutal Israeli aggression” in the Gaza Strip and renewed his support for all constructive international initiatives aimed at achieving a just and lasting peace in the Middle East on the basis of the two-state solution. “I reiterate my strong […]

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Iraq spends almost $2billion on arms

The Iraqi government has embarked on almost $2 million arms deal with the US and Russia that could serve in fortifying government controlled areas as well as repel the fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Government forces easily succumbed to the ISIS who has declared their intention of enlarging their Islamic […]

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Iran proposes hosting OIC Quds committee meeting to SG

Iran has offered to host a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Quds Committee as part of efforts to end the ongoing fighting between Hamas and Israel. The proposal was made by its Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to Iyad Madani, Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, during a telephone conversation to […]

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Kuwait : UN gives Kuwait Iraq’s petroleum proceeds

The compensation claims being paid by the United Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC), a subsidiary organ of the UN Security Council created in 1991, to Kuwait in order to cover the losses it incurred during its invasion by Iraq, when Saddam Hussein was at its helm, is almost coming to an end. $1,19 billion was injected […]

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Tunisia : Qatari company ventures into Tunisia’s tourism sector

Tunisia is multiplying its efforts to revive its struggling tourism sector after the Arab Spring which led to the end of the Mubarak regime discouraged tourists to visit the country. Tourism is an important sector to the national economy and the current situation has affected the government coffers. The latest project hoping for a boom […]

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KSA : King Abdullah to urge Qatar stay out of Palestine

The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, will be meeting King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah. Their discussions are expected to be centered on the efforts of ending the hostilities between Hamas and Israel. Sources have already concluded that the meeting will not be a major step towards a ceasefire because the […]

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UAE : BSA pleased to enter conflict zones in MENA

The troubles of the countries in the Middle East and North Africa have become an opening of promoting business for others. Broadcast Systems Arabia or BSA, a company based in the United Arab Emirates, has seen a positive outlook in countries hit by popular Arab spring. The company is very active in countries that have […]

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Palestine : Abbas says assault “intolerable” and “against humanity”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has called for “an urgent session” of the UN Security Council because the situation in the Gaza strip has become “intolerable” as the attacks carried out by the Israeli military is categorized as “crimes against humanity.” It is unclear if any concrete actions will be taken the Security Council. The call […]

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Egypt expecting 30billion from Abu Dhabi

Egypt finances have not boasted about the protests which led to the departure of President Mubarak from power because of the investors it scared away. More than $11billion has left the shores of the country due to the worries the protests incited into the foreign investors. The Central Bank government has since been in short […]

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Qatar : Singling out and bullying the nation must stop

After the curtains of the FIFA World Cup went down, all eyes should be on Russia 2018. However, Qatar continues to attract more attention thereby prompting its Communications Director of the World Cup 2022 Supreme Committee, Nasser Al Khater, to stress that Qatar should not be singled out and bullied because of an investigation in […]

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