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GCC: Gas shortage in the region by 2015

Members of the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) will be facing gas shortages within 2 years if they don’t act swiftly to avoid it. The warning was issued by Booz and Company, a global consultancy firm. It highlighted that the massive investment made by these countries in exploiting oil and gas will not be sufficient to […]

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IAEA says Iran has increased its nuclear centrifuges

A quarterly report from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has stated that Iran has upgraded its nuclear program, with new centrifuges that could enable it to enrich uranium at a faster rate. Tehran has always maintained that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes but some countries have refuted such claims. The IAEA said […]

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Syria’s allies threatens Israel if Damascus is attacked

An anonymous senior Syrian officer has warned that the Middle East is gearing up for a regional warfare if Western powers attack Syria. He pinpointed that Israel will heavily suffer from the circumstances. Western powers are mounting pressure on Assad on allegations that he used chemical weapons against civilians. United Nations team has begun its […]

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Iraq equates Media reports to Al-Qaeda attacks

Iraqi authorities have begun to react against reports circulating in the media. Reports coming out from the country are heavily centered on attacks and roadside bombings with casualties. The government acknowledges that attacks are still being carried out but disagrees with the numbers of casualties. The United Nations claimed that more than 4,000 people have […]

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KSA: Al-Qaeda reminds King Abdullah of his actions

Ibrahim al-Rubaish, a Saudi Arabian and a top member of Al-Qaeda, has pointed fingers at King Abdullah accused of helping the secular forces in Egypt and those who are fighting against Allah. He is considered to be the chief of religious affairs of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula which is based in Yemen. His criticisms […]

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Oman: ODB relinquishes Islamic bank for Islamic window

State owned Oman Development Bank (ODB) could be opening an Islamic window rather than becoming an Islamic bank, according to the Assistant General Manager for branches of the bank, Hamed bin Salim Al Harthy. Oman has been the slowest country among the members of the Gulf Cooperation Council to adopt Islamic finance and issuing regulations […]

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Jordan: Prime Minister reshuffles cabinet to buy time

PM Abdullah Ensour has reshuffled his cabinet again; a week before municipal elections. The latest action is reported to be motivated by economic decisions. The last reshuffling took place in March. Although the March reform reduced the cabinet to 19 ministers from 27 due to budget constraints, the new cabinet has been increased to 23.  […]

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Israel to lobby for Egypt

Israeli authorities are gearing up for a campaign to amass support of the interim Egyptian government according to a senior official who wishes to remain anonymous. They will be working on convincing key countries and actors that “it is the army or anarchy” before democracy or Human rights. The Jewish state will be undertaking a […]

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‘Tamarod’ surfaces in Bahrain

Bahrain has become the latest country where a group called ‘Tamarod’ (rebellion) has emerged after Egypt and Tunisia. The group held anti-government rallies across the capital on Wednesday but the military was present to interrupt them. The Sunni minority rules the country, forming a small fraction of the population, which is heavily dominated by Shiites. […]

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Israel and Palestine talks begin amid low expectations

Negotiators from Israel and Palestine have finally sat around the same table to discuss a way out of their crisis after almost 5 years of suspended talks. Their meeting is being held at an undisclosed location and is surrounded by secrecy. Israel’s decision to build new homes during the week has been considered as a […]

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