Syria’s allies threatens Israel if Damascus is attacked

syrie-arméAn anonymous senior Syrian officer has warned that the Middle East is gearing up for a regional warfare if Western powers attack Syria. He pinpointed that Israel will heavily suffer from the circumstances. Western powers are mounting pressure on Assad on allegations that he used chemical weapons against civilians. United Nations team has begun its investigations. Assad denies the accusations.
England, France and the United States have announced their readiness to launch an attack but the senior army official said “a full-scale war against Syria will actually issue a license for attacking Israel.” He opined the dragging of Israel into a war will “in turn engage Syria’s neighbors.” Esmaeil Kowsari, a member of Iran’s Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee said Israel’s “problems will be doubled” if the attack takes place.
Although army official didn’t precise the “neighbors,” Iran is a strong supporter of the Damascus regime while most of the other neighboring countries have shown support to the rebels. Jordan has tried to maintain a neutral position and privileges a political solution to the Syrian war. Egypt also discourages military action.
The senior Syrian army official warned that Israel will not come only under the fire of Damascus. He claimed that it will be under the target of its “allies” and “extremist groups”. The allies of Syria in the ongoing war are Iran, Russia, Hezbollah and a cautious approach by China.
Syria’s allies have criticized a military action but regional Arab nations are massively is support of it. There are reports that the campaign could begin by the beginning of the week.

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