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Turkey Beefs Up Military Presence at Syrian Border

Turkey is building up its military presence and air defense systems along its southern border, following Syria’s downing of a Turkish fighter jet, an incident which has further strained already-frayed relations between the two neighboring countries. Footage aired by several TV stations showed Turkish military trucks transporting solders, tanks and mobile missile launchers heading for […]

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Palestine/Israel negotiations: Doves and foxes

This week has been tense between Israel and Hamas as the latter continues its attacks despite a cease-fire deal being reached. For once, Israel didn’t retaliate as it often does in the past. On the other hand, Palestinian activists held a demonstration in front of the country’s Attorney General ahead of an official visit from […]

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UAE: The three islands issue

The US has shown its support to the United Arab Emirates regarding the territorial conflict in which it is engaged in with Iran. After a closed door meeting between the countries, at the White House, represented by the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahayan and President Barack Obama. After their discussions on various subjects, […]

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Jordan: King urges Elections Law reform

Elections are to be held by the end of the year but differences among parties’ risks sabotaging it despite the King’s efforts to escape a violent Arab Spring. The new Elections Law approved by the King was described as being “provocative” by the Islamists pushing the King to ask for some amendments especially to articles […]

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Iraq’s Halfaya Oil Field Starts Production

Iraq is boosting oil output with the start of production in one of its major oil fields located in the southern region. It is the Halfaya field whose production is expected to reach in a first phase an average of 70,000 barrels a day from newly built facilities. Under a 20-year development & production contract […]

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Manama to host GCC-EU talks

Bahrain has been chosen as the next host of the GCC-EU annual talks of foreign ministers at the just concluded one in Luxembourg. The meetings are geared towards strengthening and developing cooperation between the Middle East and the European countries without forgetting security and stability too. The 22nd edition of the joint ministerial meeting ended […]

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KSA: Aramco sells Vela to Bahri

The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia (Bahri) is set to become the fourth largest owner of very large crude carrier (VLCC) if a proposed merger of fleets and operations between them and Saudi Aramco’s own subsidiary called Vela International Marine Limited is finalized after the successful signing of a non-binding memorandum of understanding. The […]

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Iraq: Prime minister sights early elections

Deaths from bombings are on rise in the country and the month of June has proven to be one of the deadliest since the departure of the American troops. Hatim al-Mansouri, the leader of a pro-government Awakening militia in Mada’in, was lucky to escape from the detonation of planted bombs in his house but his […]

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Arab Spring Countries, Fertile Land for Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda has seized the opportunity of the Arab Spring uprisings to spread its influence and spawn new bases, says the chief of UK intelligence service. As the radical Islamist organization started losing steam in Afghanistan and Pakistan following the elimination of its leader Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda militants moved to some unstable countries […]

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Syria: A State of war

Tuesday was a busy day for Syria. President Assad held the swearing in ceremony of the new cabinet and took the opportunity to deliver a key message to the country. He touched on issues regarding the actual political and socio-economic environment of the state. He described the violence between the government forces and the rebels […]

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