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Syria: Mistura hopeful of a deal but fighting has intensified

There are hopes that a partial ceasefire deal could soon be sealed in Syria after UN special envoy to the country Staffan de Mistura told the UN Security Council that the Assad regime is willing to halt its aerial bombardment of Aleppo to give a chance to negotiations. Mistura has been meeting with government and […]

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Lebanon: Hezbollah in Iraq to fight the Islamic State

Hezbollah’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah released a recorded video message urging the states in the Middle East to set aside their sectarian differences and unite in the fight against the Islamic State. He lamented that the region is too dependent on the United States for its security. Nasrallah admitted for the first time that Hezbollah […]

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UN Security Council adopts resolution on Yemen

United Nations Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution targeting the Houthi movement that has taken over power in Yemen. The resolution was drafted by Britain and Jordan. British Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant said the 100% support that the draft received showcased a strong and united message while Jordanian counterpart Dina Kawar said Yemen has […]

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Israel: Reported Netanyahu visit to Ibahimi mosque could lead to severe escalations

Reports claiming that Prime Minster Netanyahu will be visiting the Cave of the Patriarchs in the West Bank city of Hebron were strongly condemned by Hamas and Fatah with warnings that it could lead to “severe escalation.” Revered by both Muslims and Jews, the site is believed to contain the graves of the prophets Abraham, Isaac […]

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Yemen: Houthi Rebels tighten their Grip on the country

The Shiite Houthi rebels, who are suspected to be supported by Iran, have tightened their grip on the Sunni majority Yemen, taking control of 10 out of 22 provinces of the country. Last month, the Houthis, also known as the Ansarallah (Supporters of God), a Zaidi Shiite sect, have forced the West-backed President Abed Rabbo […]

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Iraq: We didn’t ask for foreign combat troops, FM Jafaari

Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al Jafaari has stated that they only want foreign troops coming into Iraq to help train their army and provide counseling but not for combat purposes. These remarks were made a day after President Obama urged the US Congress to approve sending Special Forces into Iraq for military operations and the […]

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Kuwait to become regional trade, financial hub with $116bn development plan

A five-year development plan presented by the Ministry for Planning and Development and estimated around $116billion has been overwhelmingly approved by the parliament. The plan is destined to make Kuwait a regional trade and financial hub by 2035 but some members of parliament doubt if the government can implement the projects in the plan. The […]

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Yemen: Houthi leader issues warning as US embassy closes

Abdel-Malek al-Houthi, leader of the Houthi movement, stressed on the rebel group’s own al-Masirah TV network that they will not bow down to “pressures” before warning that “whoever harms the interest of this country could see that their interests in this country are also harmed.” Abdul-Malek didn’t accuse any group or country of being trying […]

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Israel: Speech at US congress is an existential issue, Netanyahu

As Benjamin Netanyahu’s scheduled March 3 address to a joint session of Congress gets closer, the number of senators expected to be absent is simultaneously increasing. However, the Israeli Prime Minister is defiant that he will be there to talk about the threat a nuclear Iran will pose to the Middle East and Israel in […]

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UAE joins hands with Jordan against ISIS

United Arab Emirates has sent a squadron of warplanes to Jordan to help Amman in its fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The return of UAE was not described as being part of the U.S led military campaign but a solidarity gesture with Jordan although the latter is part of the […]

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