UAE Prime Minister’s three ingredients to defeat IS

The UAE vice-president and Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al-Maktoum, pointed out that the world cannot extinguish the fires of fanaticism by force alone and that the approach to defeat the Islamic State must necessarily focus on three ingredients, Read more

Kuwait hosts World’s biggest and largest military exercise, Eagle Resolve 2015

Kuwait has announced that it will be hosting the World’s biggest and largest military exercise next year under the codename Eagle Resolve 2015. Lt Col Mohammad Al-Kandari, chief of Kuwait’s joint military operations and head of the committee tasked with Read more

Kuwait threatens Turkey with investment withdrawals

Turkey is disgruntled by the actions of Kuwaiti diplomats in Ankara where they physically assaulted a man identified as Major Hakan Karakus, an F-16 Turk pilot working with NATO, last week. The incident was worsened by Kuwaiti Ambassador Abdullah Abdulaziz Read more

Qatar expels the Muslim Brotherhood, Turkey welcomes them

Leaders of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood have been asked to leave Qatar as the state begins the implementation of the Riyadh agreement signed in 2013. The decision is seen as a sign of the balance of power in the Gulf because Read more