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Aviation industry continues to grow in the Middle East

According to experts in aviation, travel and tourism sectors, attending the Aviation and Media Summit 2013 in Oman, the increase in the number of tourists visiting the Middle East is expected to maintain the blossoming of its aviation industry. The tendency will create new challenges and opportunities for the region. More than 70 media representatives […]

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Germany steps on Turkey’s European ambitions

A recent meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg had the issue of Turkey’s accession bid to the 27-nation bloc, high on its agenda. The long-standing ambitions of Turkey joining the EU bloc seem less unlikely with the recent uprisings at Taksim Square. The clashes between police and protesters in the predominantly Muslim country of […]

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Lieberman: Israel should “conquer” Gaza strip

Avigdor Lieberman, former Israeli foreign minister, has called for stricter measures against Hamas, after the Israeli Air Force bombed several targets in the Gaza strip, in reaction to the ceasefire breach by the six rockets fired into southern Israel. Liebermann wants the military to make a “thorough cleansing” of the Gaza Strip and bring it […]

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KSA: Gulftainer becomes the largest port operator in the Middle East

Gulftainer, the largest port operator in the Middle East in terms of number of terminals, is planning to invest $200 million in Saudi terminals after having successfully acquired the Gulf Stevedoring Contracting Company (GCSCCO). According to a statement by Peter Richards, who is the managing director of Gulftainer, the focal points are the leveraging of […]

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Iran to become major exporter thanks to sanctions

Outgoing Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has revealed that there are plans to become the next major exporter of vehicle fuels as more plants are opened. The country used to rely on oil imports but has now turned to exportations as it continues to increase its plants. Western imposed sanctions over the years has forced the […]

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Iraqi’s oil export pipeline construction nears reality

According to Nihad Mousa, director general at the Iraqi oil ministry, a number of consortia from different points of the globe have manifested their interest in participating in the construction of the country’s first export pipeline in decades. Iraq’s oil sector is expected to get a boost in the coming months, as plans are in […]

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Mandela’s Health Conditions Critical

The former South African president and African icon Nelson Mandela’s health condition is now at a critical stage. Mandela, the beloved anti-apartheid leader, was admitted to hospital 16 days ago. Jacob Zuma visited Mandela in his hospital in Pretoria on Sunday, where he has been taken for the third time this year.  Doctors said his […]

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Palestinian Leadership Crisis

After barely 3 weeks in office, the Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah has tenured his resignation to President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday. The president accepted the resignation after having appointed Mr. Hamdallah as the head of an interim government on June 2, sources from the state-run WAFA news agency have indicated. Abbas appointed Hamdallah, a […]

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UAE and Russia join efforts in investments

Vladimir Putin said that the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) and the Mubadala Development Company from the United Arab Emirates would join efforts in investing in the Russian infrastructure. Mubadala was established in 2002, and is an active global investor in sectors and geographies that hold exciting potential and tangible returns. It works in partnership […]

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WHO: MERS outbreak in KSA

The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS is the single biggest public health threat according to WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan. MERS is a mysterious new respiratory virus and is very contagious between people. Considered to be in the same family of viruses known as coronavirus SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), MERS is considered to […]

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