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A Malaysian company plans to conquer MENA

The Malaysian company known as MIFF Marketing Sdn Bhd has revealed its plan to expand in the Middle East and North African market by investing more than $300,000 within the next 3months. The amount will be pumped into its halal clay powder business and Cairo will be used as its regional hub. According to Managing […]

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KSA: Illegal Immigrants and Cause to Effect

As the main port of arrival for all Muslims coming to do their pilgrimage, Jeddah has served as the main entry point for centuries. And the neighborhood of Karantina was used as a place where these pilgrims stayed until they finished their Haj. However nowadays, those residing in this part of the city are illegal […]

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UAE: End of Agriculture

According to the experts that held an Outlook forum in the UAE’s agriculture field, they do not see the need of pursuing it in their country. However this statement seemed very far from the truth since many families have based all their lives around farming and are actually surviving mainly on that. Although it is […]

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Qatar: Arab League divided on Syria’s representation.

It has been established that this year’s Arab summit will be held in Qatar’s capital Doha but before its opening issues related to Syria’s representation are concerning many. Since Syria has launched an army to stop rebels and refused a peace proposition that was made to them by Arabic countries no representation has been present […]

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Oman: asylum granted to Ghaddafi’s family

A week ago it was reported by Algeria that the widow of Muammar Gaddafi and her three children left the country were they found refuge without letting the government know where they were heading. In fact it seems that although the people of Lybia believed they still were in Algeria for some time now the […]

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Lebanon Again in Turmoil

The civil war in Syria has affected many of its neighboring countries amongst them the one that is menacing to fall into chaos as well is Lebanon that lost its government when Prime Mnister Najib Mikati announced that the cabinet has decided to resign late Friday night. The reasons that were given for this act […]

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Iraq: Devastation Shown Through Art

The Ruya Foundation for Contemporary Culture in Iraq hired the director of the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham to travel all over Iraq to visit artists in the main cities of the country.  Then he chose 11 to represent Iraqi art for this year’s Venice show so that they can expose their pieces in a particular […]

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Obama’s “Listening Exercise” Tour

For about an hour Israeli air space was closed for the arrival of Air Force One on Wednesday due to President Barack Obama’s visit on Wednesday. The long awaited three day visited thus started when he landed at Tel Aviv airport on Wednesday where he was welcomed by Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu. Obama came in […]

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Yemen: Tumultuous Start To Dialogue

In this political transition period, the government led by President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadj started a national dialogue in order to draft a new constitution and prepare elections. This discussion that is expected to last at least six months has assembled 565 representatives of different political groups. However negotiations were refused by a movement led by […]

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Mali’s neighbors pledge to consolidate regional security, stability

Mali’s neighboring countries have pledged to consolidate regional security and stability, to join efforts to fight terrorism in the Sahel-Sahara region and to back the African force currently deployed in the West African country (MISMA). The pledge was made at the end of a ministerial consultative meeting held in Nouakchott over the weekend with the […]

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