Lebanon Again in Turmoil

miqati-lebanonThe civil war in Syria has affected many of its neighboring countries amongst them the one that is menacing to fall into chaos as well is Lebanon that lost its government when Prime Mnister Najib Mikati announced that the cabinet has decided to resign late Friday night.
The reasons that were given for this act was the fact that the 30 people making up this cabinet were unable to determine the limits of a security chief’s power and they also didn’t succeed into preparing a commission that will make sure elections that are due in three months go well. But it has been known for some time now that the parliament has been divided in all the decisions that were to be taken for the past two years since the majority of seats were occupied by the Hezbollah led party.
Actually the whole country has been opposing two major groups that are confronting each other on a daily basis. These two groups are the Alawites that support Assad and the Sunnis that are backing up the Syrian opposition that even use force and weapons to try imposing their point of view.  Because of this kind of division in the country Mikati had tried once before to quit and the only reason he stayed was because the British government intervened by expressing its support to this government that it believes has managed to avoid being contaminated by what is happening in Syria.
However in his resignation speech the prime Minister said that he believes that the only way to avoid Lebanon from getting into more instability is by creating a “government in which all groups are represented”. Once he announced his resignation, it was accepted by the President Michel Sueliman and a caretaker government is to be appointed.

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