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Israel: the pre-elections atmosphere

With the upcoming of the Israeli election, Netanyahu’s electoral alliance, Likud-Beiteinu, with ultra-nationalist former foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman is expected to be the party with many seats in parliament. In Jerusalem, Likud supporters are already posting banners announcing Netanyahu to be the only protector of the town. He is actually already making statements on Channel […]

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Yemen: strengthening efforts against Al-Qaida

Two years ago, Al-Qaida used the instability that was created by the uprising against Yemen’s former president Ali Abdullah Saleh to gain more power and to act more dangerously against western governments and those who try to fight them. The Al-Qaida branch created in the sector was qualified as the most active by attacking many […]

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Israel: New form of “civil disobedience”

The Use of Facebook as a distraction tool or a way to catch up with friends and familly might have been the main reason why this social network has been created but recently it has become a weapon used to show injustices by those who feel that their voices are not heard and is even […]

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Saudi Arabia: protest against change

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has been trying to insufflate change in the very conservative Saudi community. Believing that the change will be more accepted if done step by step he has been carefully preparing it for a few years now. To begin with in 2005, he introduced the first municipal elections in the country. […]

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UAE: frenzy over Gulf Cup

The Gulf cup has been rising excitement in all the countries of the region due to the impressive performances of the Arab players in addition to the high level of publicity that has been invested in this event, many fans have even travelled all the way to Bahrain where the tournament is being held.  Emirati […]

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Iraq: security issues still not resolved

Iraqi government officials announced that a Parliament member Efan al-Essawi was assassinated on Tuesday in the province of Anbar. This leader of a local council called  the Sunni Awakening was also the owner of a construction company and it is while inspecting roads just doing the job he was hired to do that he was […]

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Bahrain: were civilians killed by weapons bought from the US?

The release of a document by the US Defense department shows according to some experts that the US might have been providing Bahrain with arms used against protestors. Since 2000, The US sells weapons to Bahrain for a total cost of almost $1.4b but the sale was never under scrutiny until 19 people were killed […]

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Yemen: the rise of critical cartoons

Maizin Shuja’a Al-Din, a Yemeni cartoonist just published his second book entitled “Mazin…the Satirical Pencil 2.” Since a very young age, this artist had a passion for creating drawings that succeed into creating various kinds of emotions to those who looked at them. Most of the time he drew cartoons that amused his classmates and […]

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Al Haq demands ban

According to recent reports The European Union is Israel’s main trading partner since almost 20% of Israel’s total export is sent to this region. In the mean time the EU has repeated many times that Israeli settlements in the West Bank are illegal and do not obey to international laws. Having noted this paradox, the […]

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Israel: Peaceful protestors evicted

Six weeks ago Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that the area called E1 located between Jerusalem and the West Bank settlement was going to be developed. Following which the Palestinian representatives and western diplomats clearly expressed their disagreement because it will damage the prospect of creating a Palestinian state. That was why a group of […]

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