Palestine-Gaza: Hamas members reportedly involved in IS latest attacks in Sinai

Unconfirmed reports and social media accounts in both Egypt and Palestine have indicated that three members of the Hamas Islamist movement were involved in the Islamic State group (IS)-linked attacks, which killed 23 Egyptian soldiers Friday in the Sinai, Asharq Read more

Palestine: Ismail Haniya, Hamas new political leader

The Palestinian movement Hamas controlling the Gaza Strip Saturday elected former Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniya as its new political leader in replacement of exiled Khaled Meshaal who has completed a two-term mandate. “The Hamas Shura Council Saturday elected Ismail Read more

Palestine: Hamas hints at prisoner swap with enemy Israel

Palestinian militant movement Hamas in Gaza Sunday hinted at a probable prisoner swap with enemy Israel which will lead to the release of hundreds of Hamas militants jailed in Israel. “The resistance has… cards in its hands that will force Read more

Gaza: no premises to cease the crisis

For a week now, the Israel and Palestine crisis that has been causing so much human and infrastructure damage couldn’t be resolved. Actually, the level of violence just kept growing both sides attacking or reposting at the incessant attacks. A Read more