Gulf Crisis: KSA accuses Doha of denying landing for Saudi Airlines to carry pilgrims

Saudi Arabia Airlines boss Sunday claimed that Qatar refused to allow Saudi aircrafts to land at Doha international airport to convey Qataris wishing to perform this year’s Hajj to Saudi Arabia as requested by King Salman. Saleh al-Jasser, the general Read more

KSA: 54 Terror Suspects Arrested during Hajj, Saudis Dominate List

As Muslims who accomplished this year’s annual Hajj pilgrimage are returning home, Saudi Arabia revealed that it arrested 54 terror suspects between September 3 and 11 and that most of them are Saudi nationals. The circumstances surrounding the arrests are Read more

KSA-Iran: “They are not Muslims” but “Followers of Magus” Saudi’s Mufti

Following Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s damaging remarks against Saudi Arabia and calls for reviewing the management of the annual Hajj, Riyadh, through its Foreign Affairs Minister, responded by stating that Tehran is “politicizing” the fifth pillar of Islam Read more

KSA: Hajj responsibility is Saudi’s

A senior member of the Saudi Royal family, Prince Turki al-Faisal, hinted that Riyadh has no plans to share hajj responsibility despite the criticisms that followed the fatal incident in Mina. He said organizing such a religious gathering is part Read more