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Palestine: Economy can’t support statehood

The World Bank has released a report claiming that Palestine’s economy is not matured enough to support an independent state any time soon. The report acknowledges the efforts of the political authority but warned of risks. In a statement accompanying the report, economist John Nasir said that “the Palestinian Authority (PA) has made steady progress […]

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Jordan: 2$ billion loan from IMF

As Jordan continues to try to put its economy and political tension under control, it has come to a conclusion with the International Monetary Fund for a $2 billion loan. The rise in oil prices and the political tension has had an impact on the kingdom’s economy forcing the government to review its economic strategy. […]

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New UNSMIS Head arrives in Syria

The new head of the UN supervision mission in Syria, Lieutenant General Babacar Gaye of Senegal, arrived in Syria Tuesday to take over from Norwegian Major General Robert Mood. The UN decided last week to send Lieutenant General Gaye as its new military advisor to Syria in replacement of General Robert Mood. Gaye told the […]

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Iran: Locally made oil tanker launched

An oil tanker which can carry up to 700,000 barrels of oil has been launched by Iran in a move seen as way of bypassing US and European sanctions which have paralyzed its economy. The launched oil tanker was locally made by Aframax. The ship is to be sent to Caracas because they commissioned its […]

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UAE: Abu Dhabi to build commercial jet

The UAE has announced that it will be the first and foremost country to have an Arab city which will be involved in manufacturing commercial airplane in a business venture. The project will be undertaken by its aerospace company Mubadala, which aims to build aircrafts in the UAE by 2018. Mubadala will be working in […]

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Turkey to Build Long-Range Ballistic Missiles

The Turkish Army is planning to build intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) in a bid to show off its military strength and assert its status as a rising great regional power in a tumultuous Middle east. Ankara’s ICBM ambitions and strategic goals were outlined and approved by the defense industry executive board at a meeting chaired […]

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Syria acknowledges chemical weapons possession

When the Syrian foreign minister spokesman took to the podium during a press conference, revelations which were more of an acknowledgement were soon to follow. According to Jihad Makdissi, Syria is in possession of chemical weapons and they are ready for use. The acknowledgement is the first of its kind by Syria and it came […]

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Bahrain houses PineBridge MENA headquarters

Bahrain has been chosen as the headquarters of PineBridge Investments in the Middle East and North African region. Established as one of the best investment management companies in the world, PineBridge has an Independent asset of more than $67 billion of assets of institutions and individual customers under its responsibility. Its offices in the region […]

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Qatar Hosting US Missile Radar Station?

Qatar, the world richest nation harboring the largest U.S. military base in the Gulf region, has been placed under the protection of the U.S. missile defense shield. According to some U.S. press reports, the Pentagon is currently busy working to establish a mobile interceptor missile radar station in Qatar to botch up and thwart any […]

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UAE launches new oil export terminal

The United Arab Emirates on Sunday launched a new offshore oil export terminal in Fujairah on the Gulf of Oman that will process up to 75 per cent of the Gulf country’s exports. The terminal has eight crude oil storage tanks, each having a capacity of one million barrel. Exports from the new facility are […]

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