Syria: France Considers Cancelling Putin’s Visit over Aleppo Bombings

Russia’s veto of a France-proposed draft resolution over the Syrian war at the UN Security Council strained ties between Paris and Moscow. As a consequence of the veto, President Hollande would be reconsidering his meeting with Putin, “taking into consideration Read more

Libya Uninvited to Meeting Meant to End Libyan War

A meeting organized and hosted by France to discuss the Libyan crisis is being questioned because there were no Libyan officials present. Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault stated that organizing the event was an “initiative” that he took “on behalf of Read more

Libya: ISIS Getting International Community, France Uneasy

The annual report of the United Nations sanctions monitors on Libya to the Security Council warned that “the rise of ISIL in Libya is likely to increase the level of international and regional interference, which could provoke further polarization, if Read more