Yemen: Coalition recovers archipelago ahead of talks

Coalition forces have taken over the Yemeni Red Sea archipelago after a long battle with the movement and their allies withthe Saudi State television reporting that the forces have “cleansed Greater Hanish”; the biggest island in the archipelago. The Houthis Read more

Iran: Russia begins delivery of S-300

Iran will soon be in possession of the S-300 air defense missile systems marking the beginning of the end of the 2007 $800 million deal signed with Russia. President Putin’s arms trade adviser Vladimir Kozhin told state news agency Tass Read more

Israel: Hezbollah’s attack kills 2 Israeli soldiers

Hezbollah has claimed responsibility of the anti-tank missiles that targeted an Israeli military convoy and said that the operation was carried out by a squad from the “fallen martyrs of the Quneitra brigade.” At least two Israeli soldiers were killed Read more

Palestine : Abbas says assault “intolerable” and “against humanity”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has called for “an urgent session” of the UN Security Council because the situation in the Gaza strip has become “intolerable” as the attacks carried out by the Israeli military is categorized as “crimes against humanity.” Read more