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Oman, Iran sign maritime demarcation agreement, Houthis in Oman

Oman and Iran inked an agreement to demarcate the maritime boundaries they share in the Sea of Oman during the visit of Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister Javad Zarif. The visiting minister said the agreement will make ties between the two countries stronger. The Iranian media noted that the agreement was the first of its kind […]

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Qatar Airways slots and public procurement linked, CEO Baker

It seems as if Qatari authorities take into consideration countries that satisfy the interests of Qatar Airways when they offer projects to foreign companies. The insinuation was made by Qatar Airways CEO, Akbar al-Baker, during a ceremony that marked the addition of a new slot to the carrier allowing it to fly seven days a […]

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Libya: “We were surprised by a lot of bullets,” PM Thinni

The head of the Libyan internationally recognized government escaped an attempt on his life on Tuesday on his way from a session with the House of Representatives. Prime Minister Thinni’s car was sprayed with bullets but he was able to escape unhurt. Those who targeted his car are believed to be among the protesters in […]

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Iraq: Biden tries to limit damage after Carter’s offensive remarks

After the criticism of the Iraqi army voiced by U.S Defense Secretary Ash Carter, Vice President Joe Biden called Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi to calm down the uproar and reassure officials in Baghdad of Washington’s continuous support. Carter accused Iraqi forces of having “showed no will to fight” against the militants of the Islamic State […]

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UAE to become “Spacefaring nation” and “hub for space”

The United Arab Emirates has established a strategic framework for a newly created space agency as the Gulf country continues to develop its space industry, planning to send an unmanned space probe to Mars by 2020. The agency plans to create an integrated and advanced industry regrouping all the space industry institutions located in the […]

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GB Deports Moroccan Cyber-Jijadist without a word on how dangerous he was

Great Britain deported last Wednesday a Moroccan cyber-Jihadist who had been arrested in 2005 and sentenced to a sixteen-year prison term for cyber-jihadist activities in 2007 but failed to inform Moroccan authorities that the inmate was very dangerous and can harm himself and others. The Moroccan Interior Minister, Mohamed Hassad, got in touch with his […]

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Saudi Arabia: Salman Foundation,UNICEF sign accord to bring relief to Yemeni refugees in Djibouti

U.N. Humanitarian agency UNICEF and King Salman’s Foundation signed on Saturday a memorandum of understanding to bring relief aid to Yemeni refugees who fled to Djibouti. The accord was signed by King’s Royal court Consultant and Supervisor General of the king’s Foundation, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeea and UNICEF Saudi representative, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Zeeg King Salman’s Foundation […]

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Iran: P5+1 and UN Security Council are enemies, Rouhani

During celebrations marking the 33rd anniversary of the liberation of the Iranian city of Khorramshahr, a symbolic victory in the 1980-1988Iran-Iraq war, President Hassan Rouhani stated that the nuclear motivated sanctions imposed on the country are equal to a territorial occupation aimed at stopping them from living through politico-diplomatic means. Less than six weeks before […]

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Israel won’t pay Iran because of enmity

A statement from the Israeli finance ministry has vowed not to pay money owed to Iran as long as it remains its enemy. A Swiss court order stated that Israel should pay $1.1billion to Iran as part of its shares to a jointly owned oil pipeline that was expropriated and nationalized after the Iranian revolution […]

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Countries disagree on Middle East deadline for nuclear weapons

The final document of the conference geared towards strengthening and expanding the world’s first arms-control treaty as part of the implementation of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons was rejected after four months of negotiations. The focal point of the disagreement concerned the debate over establishing a ban on weapons of mass destruction […]

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