Oman, Iran sign maritime demarcation agreement, Houthis in Oman

Javad-ZarifOman and Iran inked an agreement to demarcate the maritime boundaries they share in the Sea of Oman during the visit of Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister Javad Zarif.

The visiting minister said the agreement will make ties between the two countries stronger. The Iranian media noted that the agreement was the first of its kind since the Islamic revolution in 1979.

Oman’s Foreign Ministry applauded the conclusion of the demarcation agreement and the atmosphere of understanding between the two countries. It underlined that the agreement will encourage neighborliness and will also be beneficial to States in the region.

The crisis in Yemen was also discussed.

Despite the tension in the region, Oman has always maintained a neutral position and it is the only Gulf state that is not part of the Saudi-led coalition against the Houthi Movement and its allies in Yemen.

Zarif said discussions concerning Yemen were about “ways to send humanitarian aid, establish a ceasefire and start dialogues between the Yemeni groups.” He said both Tehran and Muscat share similar views on peace, security and stability of the region as the coalition continues the “irreversible damage” in Yemen.

Zarif’s visit to Oman coincided with that of Al Houthi representatives according to press reports although Omani authorities are keeping silent on the trip.

Omani officials have reportedly flown to Sana’a over the weekend to escort a delegation of Al Houthi Ansar Allah group to Muscat. The delegation is led by head of the Al Houthi political council, Saleh Al Samad.

Oman has served as an intermediary between Iran and other Gulf States but it is unclear if the Iranian officials met with the visiting Houthi delegation.

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