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Arab Countries Anxious over Nuclear Iran

As a nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers draws nearer, despite hitting some snags, Arab Sunni countries and particularly Saudi Arabia, look more and more anxious to see rival Teheran emboldened with its covert nuke program. They are convinced that any deal allowing Iran to carry on nuclear research will harden Teheran’s positions […]

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Iraq : Ban Ki-moon wants Baghdad to investigate reported abuses

U.N Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has met with officials in Baghdad and called for government forces and militias fighting against the Islamic State to stop reported abuses. He told the Iraqi government that “alleged violations or abuses of human rights must be investigated and perpetrators need to be held to account.” Ban Ki-moon also raised […]

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Syria : Assad lays conditions for leaving power

In an interview aired on Sunday with journalist Charlie Rose of CBS for the program 60 Minutes, President Assad associated the expansion of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria with the U.S airstrikes in the region as he spoke about leaving power and the gas attacks. Assad said “sometimes you could have local benefit” […]

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KSA : Russia is part of Arabs’ problem, FM al-Faisal

The diplomatic tussle between Saudi Arabia and Russia has taken a new twist after Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal told the ongoing Arab Summit in Egypt that Russia is part of Middle East’s problems. He was reacting to a letter from President Putin that was read at the Summit hailing efforts of the Arab nations […]

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Syria: Assad sends positive dialogue message to end war

CBS television channel aired an interview with President Assad saying that he is willing to dialogue with anyone as far as the country’s sovereignty is not taking for granted. Assad’s authority has been challenged by rebels, for the past five years, forcing him to leave power. “As principal, in Syria we could say that every dialogue is […]

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Yemen becomes regional warfare terrain

Yemen could officially be considered as a ‘regional war zone’ after a coalition of Arab forces led by Saudi Arabia shelled areas controlled by the Houthi Movement. The Houthis have vowed that they will not surrender after the airstrikes and their leader Abdel-Malek al-Houthi said that will make them cowards after the “despicable aggression.” Airstrikes […]

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Riyadh Launches Airstrikes to Stop Houthis Advance

Saudi Arabia has launched airstrikes to stop the advance of the Houthi shia rebels, supported by Iran. The move is meant to “defend the legitimate government” of President Abd rabbu Mansour Hadi, said the Saudi ambassador in Washington, Adel al-Jubeir. The Houthis “have always chosen the path of violence and Saudi Arabia will do anything […]

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Bahrain : Parliament challenges royal decree increasing debt ceiling

On Tuesday, Bahrain’s parliament has voted against a Royal Decree that increased the government’s debt limit by 40% four months ago. The matter will now be taken up by the National Assembly’s upper chamber and if it should vote against it, the decree will be retrospectively vetoed and considered void. The government failed to convince […]

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Yemen: President Hadi seeks Security Council support or green light

After calling on the Gulf cooperation Council and the Arab League to halt the advances of the Houti Movement, President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi has written to the UN Security Council urging for support as “the legitimate authority by all means.” Hadi wants force to be used against the Houthis because “all our efforts for peaceful […]

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Jordan to graduate from oil and gas dependency with nuclear energy

Khalid Toukan, head of the Jordanian Atomic Energy Commission, said that “nuclear power is definitely one of the solutions to graduate from total dependency on oil and gas” after signing a $10 billion nuclear plant agreement with Russia’s state owned Rosatom company in Amman. The plant will be constructed in Amra, northern part of the […]

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