France-Turkey: Macron debunks alleged support for Kurdish rebels in northern Syria

France is not planning military engagement in Northern Syria on the side of rebels and Kurdish forces labeled by Ankara as terrorists, a source from the French presidency told Turkish Daily Sabah. The source who did not want to be Read more

Syrian Opposition Groups Demand Halt of U.S.-Led Airstrikes

Syrian opposition groups have called for the suspension of the airstrikes staged by the U.S-led coalition against ISIS pending investigations of civilians’ killing in Manbij by coalition forces. The president of the Syrian National Coalition Anas al-Abdah said “it is Read more

Syria: Rebel Coalition Group Demands Ramadan Ceasefire

Basma Kodmani, a delegate of the Riyadh-based High Negotiations Committee (HNC) composed of Syrian opposition groups, said Coordinator Riad Hijab of the HNC has addressed a letter to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon calling for a truce during Ramadan. Read more