Kuwait: Maestro Therapy has been launched

Kuwait sits in 2nd and 3rd positions when it comes to obesity and diabetes respectively in the Middle East region. This is likely to change soon because the Vbloc Maestro Therapy has been launched in the country by the home-based Bader Sultan and Brothers Company (BSBC) in a bid to challenge them.
The VBloc Maestro is a first-in class weight loss treatment that is seen as a better option to the usual surgical solution to obesity which has many side effects.
The Vbloc Therapy in its fight against diabetes and blood pressure concentrates on the diverse digestive functions under the control of the ‘’vagus’’ nerves by often stopping the nerves through the means of high frequency and low-energy electrical impulses. It is delivered via the Maestro System through laparoscopically implanted leads.
This is the first time Maestro is taken out of the US and Kuwait is the first country to receive it in the Middle East. According to the BSBC’s general manager, positive results of the VBloc Maestro can be seen as early as 10-14 days from the date of commencement. A board certified surgeon, Dr. James Swain, dwelled on the advantages of the Vbloc Maestro Therapy. Six well known surgeons in the country will be trained on the procedures of implementing the Maestro System by him.
According to a released statement, the technique does not jeopardise safety, nutrition, lifestyle nor generate irreversible anatomical disfigurement. The Maestro Recharge System, a device, delivers the VBloc and the VBloc Maestro treatment contributes to the fight against diabetes and blood pressure.

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