Nuclear agreement could pave way to ending regional conflicts, President Rouhani

President Rouhani has hailed the nuclear agreement reached with the world powers of the so-called P5+1 as an accord showcasing that the only way to reach a tangible solution is through political means.

The president was speaking on a live appearance on state television Sunday when he said that the July 14 agreement reached in Vienna would create better prospects for faster solutions in Syria and Yemen. He didn’t include Iraq among the countries that the agreement could help to overcome crises.

Rouhani said that during negotiations with the five permanent members of the U.N Security Council plus Germany for the past two years, he had never doubted that a deal will be sealed.

Although it was a “Herculean task” which had failed to meet several deadlines, “I was never despondent” despite the logger heads that faltered the negotiations at several stages, he said.“Not for a single second did I doubt our success” because with “interaction” we were able to reach an agreement rather than confrontation and surrender, neither of which “held much water” as options.

President Rouhani said the negotiations and agreement should be examples for the region citing that “the final solution in Yemen is political, in Syria the final solution is political” as he tried to discourage armed conflicts between government forces and rebels. “The agreement will create a new atmosphere. The climate will be easier,” he said.

Tehran strongly supports the Assad regime in Syria and has sent military advisers and financial aid to Damascus. It is also believed to be backing the Houthi rebels in Yemen. Countries in the Middle East especially the Gulf States consider Iran as a country that wants to destabilize the region.

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