Yemen: Coalition Dismisses Houthi Proposed Ceasefire

The Saudi-led coalition has rejected a ceasefire proposed by Saleh Al-Sammad, head of the 10 member governing political council, established by the Houthis and their allies in August. The coalition spokesman Maj. Gen. Ahmed Al-Assiri stressed that “if they (rebels) Read more

Ground Intervention in Syria Could Trigger ‘permanent world war’, Russia tells KSA

Russia has reacted to Saudi Arabia’s military deployment plans in Syria, saying it is a “bad” idea that could ignite a permanent war. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told German newspaper Handelsblatt that it is a “bad” idea because “a Read more

Yemen: Hadi lays conditions for U.N-led talks with Houthis

The peace dialogue expected to take place between the Hadi government and the Houthi movement in Oman later this week would likely not take place after the exiled government stated on Sunday that the Houthis and their allies must abide Read more