Palestine: The ‘Catastrophe’ continues after 67 years  

palestine-lossAfter Israel’s establishment in 1948, more than 760,000 Palestinians fled or were driven from their homes in what became known as the ‘Nakba.’ It is commemorated every 15 May with protests against what is described as the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. Their number has since increase to more than 5.5million as generations continue to live in refugee camps and in separated Palestinian territories; some of whom where in the streets to protest against Israel and its settlement policies in Palestinian territories.

Protests in the West Bank and Gaza Strip left 21 people injured according to medics and security sources. Clashes with Israeli forces took place near the towns of Ramallah and Nablus.

There were several protests in the Gaza Strip but the main demonstration is reported to have taken place in Gaza City. One of the speakers at the protest from Hamas stressed that “the resistance against the enemy Israel” will continue “until we liberate Palestine.” Around 2000 people attended the protest.

A group of protesters were shot at when they tried to get closer to the wall built by Israel. Under Israel’s blockade of the coastal territory, Gaza residents are not allowed within 100 meters of the border fence on foot, or 300 meters in a vehicle. Israel confirmed shooting at the “lower extremities” of five individuals who tried to get closer to the wall.

Demonstrations in Ramallah were centered on the Ofer military prison before ending up in clashes.

Anger was also expressed in Nablus when Israeli forces blocked off roads leading to the tomb of Joseph for more than 1,000 settlers from nearby Jewish settlements to go on a pilgrimage there. Soldiers have escorting the pilgrims there since Wednesday.

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