KSA: Saudi slams Russia

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has scolded Russia and advised it to avoid distractions as the case of Syria worsens. In a statement designed as a response to Russia’s envoy for human rights in its foreign ministry, Konstantin Dolgov, the kingdom asked Russia to avoid sharing its view concerning its domestic activities.
The human right commissioner warned that the “the stability and consent of the civil society” in the kingdom can be jeopardized after the demonstrations in the East following the arrest of one in the Shia cleric after shootout.  He went on to further show his worries about the situation during which two people lost their lives and many more injured. Dolgov therefore suggested that the kingdom should embark on assuring “the right for freedom of expression of opinion, peaceful demonstrations and freedom of associations,” in a move to bring the east under its peaceful control and “to (end) conflict, including confrontation on inter-confessional basis,” saying it is of “great concern”. Dolgov’s point of view was published last week on the Russian foreign ministry’s website.
The kingdom replied in a harsh tone demanding Russia to prevent itself from meddling into “internal affairs of the kingdom” and referred to the comments as “a blatant and unjustified intervention” that came as a surprise because they don’t interfere in Russia’s affairs. Saudi Arabia also took the opportunity to interrogate Russia if such a “hostile” and “strange” comment was not a strategy to relocate the attention given to Syria to the kingdom which is experiencing “savage and ugly massacre” with Russia being a supportive to such a regime as it continues to block “any honest effort to end the bloodshed of the Syrian people.”

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