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Saudi Crown Prince deems Trump’s planned US embassy transfer “painful”

Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman told the Washington Post that US President Donald Trump’s December decision to move the US embassy to the city of Jerusalem is a “painful step”. President Trump in December unilaterally declared Jerusalem capital of Israel and announced plans to transfer the US diplomatic mission from Tel Aviv – a […]

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“Houthis to side with Hezbollah, Palestine in event of war with Israel” – Shia rebel movement

The Shia Houthi rebel group fighting the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen said Friday it will unite with the Lebanese Shia armed and political group, Hezbollah, and Palestinians should Israel enter into conflict with the two. Abdul Malik al-Houthi, leader of the Iran-backed rebels told Lebanese local Al-Akhbar that the Houthis will fight on the side […]

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Washington greenlights sale of TOW anti-tanks missiles to KSA

The US State Department Thursday said it approved the sale of thousands of TOW missiles, spare parts of military vehicles and the supply of helicopter maintenance services in a deal package put at nearly $1 billion. The announcement was made during the visit of Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman to the US. The State Department […]

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UAE: Operation at first nuclear reactor to be delayed to next year

UAE Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) has pushed to next year operation of the first Arab world nuclear reactor due to lack of expertise from the staff recruited to run the power facility, Reuters reports. Two sources told Reuters that the Barakah plant will be inaugurated this month but will not run as planned. […]

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Libya: Saif al Islam claims still holding ‘solid evidences’ against Sarkozy

Gaddafi Junior, Saif al Islam, told the media that he still is in possession of undeniable evidence to indict French President Nicolas Sarkozy who is being probed by the French judiciary for getting illegal funds from Libya’s former ruler Muammar Gaddafi in 2003. “I stress that I still have solid evidences against Sarkozy. And I […]

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UNSMIL Heads warns of “vicious cycle” in Libya

Libya’s shaky financial position, looming humanitarian crisis and the inability of State authorities to provide services have created a “vicious cycle” where groups with vested interests are trying to step in and undermine the Government, the United Nations envoy to the north African country warned on Wednesday. “For many Libyans this abnormal state of affairs […]

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Hamas names suspect in assassination attempt on Palestinian PM

The Islamist Hamas movement ruling the Palestinian strip of Gaza has named Anas abu Koussa as main suspect in the assassination attempt on Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah early last week in the enclave. Hamas Wednesday finger-pointed 25-year old Anas Abu Koussa as the lead suspect in the roadside bomb attack, which was […]

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Dubai, best city for quality of living in Middle East

The Emirati city of Dubai has topped US-based consulting firm Mercer’s survey for Quality of Life in the Middle East as it ranks 74th globally over 231 cities studied. Mercer is a top global human resource agency and is consulted by multinational companies in the placement of staff on international assignment. The 2018 survey still […]

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Al-Sisi asks Egyptians $2 trillion to build country

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in an interview ahead of this month elections has turned to the nation to help provide a $2-trillion budget that, he said, would enable him build the country. Egyptians will be called to polls March 26-28 to choose between al-Sisi and Moussa Mostafa Moussa believed by many as a puppet of […]

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Egypt: Al-Futtaim group to increase investment in Festival City Mall

The Dubai-based group Al-Futtaim has decided to multiply nearly two-fold its investment in Cairo Festival Mall from an original investment ranging between $850.8 and $964.2 million. The revaluation has been announced by the group managing director Ashraf Ezzeldin at a news conference Tuesday. Al-Futtaim has embarked on the development of Cairo Festival Mall; a mixed-use […]

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