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Libya: Car bomb attack kills at least six people in Benghazi

A car bomb went off Thursday evening in Benghazi, Libya’s second city, killing at least six people. The attack took place in a busy street behind the city’s top hotel; Tibesti near the Mediterranean. At least six people were reported dead by local hospital. The number of the wounded has been put at 20, local […]

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KSA: Four women’s rights campaigners freed as authorities loose crackdown

Saudi authorities have released four female rights campaigners fighting for women’s right to drive and the end of man guardianship, one month before removal of the controversial ban. Eleven Saudi women known as prominent activists campaigning for female rights to drive and the end of man guardianship were detained last week after being suspected for […]

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Lebanon: Hariri named PM, pledges unity government to solve economic challenges

Sunni Lebanese political figure Saad Hariri has been re-appointed Prime Minister following this month elections that were largely won by Iran’s proxy Hezbollah and its allies. President Michel Aoun Thursday designated Hariri as Prime Minister following consultation with members of parliament dominated by Hezbollah and its allies. Out of the 128 members of the legislature, […]

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Iraq: Suicide attack in Bagdad leaves at least four dead

A suicide bomber detonated an explosive vest northwest of capital Bagdad killing at least four people and wounding 15 others, Reuters reports. The attacker detonated the belt after being stopped at the entrance to the Saqlawiyah park, located in the Shia-dominated Shula district of the capital, Reuters reports citing a statement released by Iraq’s National […]

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Iran: Germany, China unite to save nuclear deal as Iran outlines conditions for EU

Berlin and Beijing have pledged unity in a move to protect the 2015 nuclear deal ripped off by the US. Visiting German Chancellor Angela Merkel voiced the unity as she visits the world economy giant. The German leader during a joint press conference with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang indicated that both countries will stand by […]

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Libya: Car bombing attack against LNA-held checkpoint kills two fighters

Forces belonging to Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) Tuesday lost two fighters after their position, near a checkpoint, suffered a car bombing attack in the east of the country. The attack that took place near a checkpoint 60km outside the town of Ajdabiya left two soldiers killed and another abducted, Libya Express reports. The […]

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Iran: Rouhani urged to review all-out ties with UAE

A group of lawmakers in the Iranian legislation have called President Hassan Rouhani to completely review ties with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after the Gulf country voiced support for Washington’s pledge to flap historic toughest sanctions over its nuclear program, Iranian Fars news agency reports. The lawmakers, 61, in number, came up with a […]

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Egypt: Sinai expert journalist sentenced to 10 years in prison

An Egyptian military court Tuesday pressed a ten-year prison sentence against Ismail Alexandrani for allegedly having published military secrets, belonging to the banned Muslim Brotherhood and spreading information that could harm national security. Alexandrani has been in detention since 2015 following his arrest upon coming back from a professional trip in Germany. The court, according […]

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Israel/Palestine: UK officials to attend meetings at US embassy in Jerusalem despite London opposition to mission relocation

British diplomats and officials will attend meetings with American counterparts in the US mission recently transferred to the disputed city of Jerusalem despite London’s opposition to President Donald Trump over relocation of the mission from Tel Aviv to the Holy city. The United Kingdom, France, Germany and much of the international diplomatic corps boycotted the […]

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Saudia plane makes emergency landing in Jeddah due to malfunction

A flight of the national flag carrier Saudia made Monday an emergency landing in Jeddah after the pilot failed to correct a malfunction that reports say forced the aircraft to land without its front wheels. The Airbus A330-200, which had left Medina bound for Dhaka, stopped its journey and landed in Jeddah. The aircraft skidded […]

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