Tunisia’s Bar association calls for re-establishment of diplomatic ties with Syria

The Bar association in Tunisia has called on President Kais Saied to thaw ties with Syria following eleven years of diplomatic blackout with the regime of Bashar al Assad.

The Bar, Webdo Tunis reports, has also announced the raising of funds and aid for Syria hit, along Türkiye by a deadly earthquake Monday.

President Saied reportedly sent two aid aircraft to Syria and one to Turkey.
Tunisia severed ties with Syria under former leader Moncef Marzouki over the civil war that sparked in 2011 in the Middle East country for which President Assad has been blamed for.

In 2015, Tunis decided to open a consulate in Damascus in view of monitoring the situation of Tunisian terrorists in Syria.
The Bar says it is opposed to division among Arab state. Syria has been suspended from the Arab League since November 2011 over “the campaign launched by the Syrian regime to suppress the protests.”
On the buildup to the Arab League Summit hosted by Algeria in November last year, Damascus indicated that it prefers not to propose its return to the League of Arab States.

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