King Mohammed VI Reaffirms Commitment to Palestinian Cause & Al-Quds City

King Mohammed VI, Chairman of Al-Quds Committee of the OIC, has renewed Morocco’s strong commitment to the Palestinian cause in general, and to al-Quds in particular, affirming that the Palestinian issue is as important as Morocco’s national cause and one of the pillars of Kingdom’s foreign policy.

In his message addressed Sunday to participants in the High-Level Conference on the Protection & Support of the City of Al-Quds held in Cairo, the Monarch urged Arab countries to cement ranks to counter the violations committed in the Holy City, and the attempts to obliterate its unique cultural identity and change its legal character, which the relevant UN Security Council resolutions have pledged to protect.

The unilateral measures designed to create illegitimate facts on the ground in al-Quds and its surroundings represent a threat to the city’s legal status, its demographic make-up, and its historical character, which is rooted in a diversity of cultures and faiths, said the King in his message, read on his behalf by Head of Govt. Aziz Akhnnouch.

Furthermore, “the systematic measures taken, which are at odds with international law and United Nations resolutions, do not help build trust. Rather, they undermine the chances of reaching a permanent solution based on two states living side by side, in peace and security”, underlined the Monarch.

The interruption of negotiations between the Israeli and Palestinian sides, and the continuing stalemate in the peace process, give radicals an opportunity to exacerbate the conflict, stir up religious feelings, and increase tension and agitation in the city of al-Quds, added the King, warning that this political conflict might turn into an ideological one, with dire consequences for the entire region.

“Therefore, protecting the city of al-Quds from plans to change its historical and legal status should be an honest and sincere endeavor, far from empty slogans, useless outbidding tactics, and narrow-minded calculations”, underlined King Mohammed VI.

The City of al-Quds holds a special place in the hearts and minds of Arab and Muslim peoples. “This makes the City a sacred trust for all of us – a great responsibility before God and history, said the Moroccan sovereign, affirming that defending al-Quds should not be a momentary and circumstantial act. Rather, it should involve effective diplomatic actions and actual work on the ground, inside the Holy City.

The tangible field work carried out under my personal supervision for more than 25 years by Bayt Mal al-Quds al-Sharif Agency to support the Holy City and preserve its cultural specificity through the implementation of social and development projects that concern all segments of the City’s population, said the King.

The Agency has managed to implement more than 200 projects costing about $65 million, with Morocco providing 100 pc of the funding, added the Monarch.

He called for concerted Arab and Islamic efforts to protect the Holy City of al-Quds and to facilitate a political détente that can open up prospects for peace, security and prosperity in the region, said the King, recalling the “Al-Quds Appeal”, which he signed in Rabat on 30 March 2019, with Pope Francis.

The King also reiterated his call for setting up a global alliance of all driving forces that are committed to peace and that believe in the values of tolerance and coexistence. The aim is to save the City of Peace and preserve its common cultural and human heritage, explained the Monarch, recalling the appeal He made in Rabat, in 2009, on the occasion of the International Conference on al-Quds.

Morocco remains convinced that the Palestinian question is a fundamental political issue and that it is the key to a lasting, comprehensive solution for the establishment of peace and stability in the Middle East region, said the Moroccan Sovereign.

He stressed the need to find a just settlement for this issue in line with international legitimacy and the principle of the Two-State solution agreed upon by the international community.

Convinced that peace in the Middle East region remains an inescapable strategic option, Morocco will keep up its efforts and leverage its relations with all international parties and powers to contribute to efforts for re-launching dialogue and negotiations, the only way to put an end to the conflict and achieve security, stability and prosperity in the Middle East region, said the King.

He expressed his full support for the Palestinian National Authority and President Mahmoud Abbas for the efforts engaged to achieve the aspirations of Palestinian people to freedom, independence, unity and prosperity.

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