Libya: France, Egypt push for elections to be held this year

France and Egypt have thrown support behind UN-proposed elections scheduled for this year as they note that the stability of the oil and but conflict-torn country is a necessity of the region. President AbdelFattah al-Sisi received Sunday French top diplomat Read more

Egypt: ‘Arrested Presidential hopeful possesses secret documents,’ campaign aid arrested

Former head of anti-corruption watchdog and campaign aid of detained General Sami Anan has revealed that the ex-Presidential hopeful is in possession of secret documents abroad that could cause prejudice to members of the regime should anything happen to the Read more

Egypt: Opposition figures call nation to boycott ‘one-candidate’ election

A group of prominent figures in the Egyptian opposition Sunday called on the nation to stay away from March presidential election arguing that the process has lost credibility after potential challengers to AbdelFattah al-Sisi backed out. The opposition figures in Read more