Obama and Iran reject the Netanyahu US Congress address

us-adressTehran has dismissed the speech of Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyhu to the US Congress and deems it deceitful and a desperate attempt to blow up the US and Iran nuclear talks.

Tehran has rejected the accusations it wishes to produce nuclear weapons. In his speech to the Congress, Mr Netanyahu urged the world to stand together and prevent Iran from gaining access to a nuclear weapon.

The Iranian vice president Massoumeh Ebtekar, on Tuesday accused Netanyahu of trying to sabotage the negotiations.

“I don’t think it carries much weight. Well, they’re [Israeli government] making their efforts to somehow derail the deal…,” Ebtekar said.

“But I think the more logical lobbies in both sides are looking forward to a solution.”

President Obama also dismissed Netanyahu’s address to the Congress calling it “void of solutions”.

“I am not focused in the politics of this. I am not focused on the theatre. Said Mr Obama

“As far as I can tell, there was nothing new”. He added.

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