Iran transfers water from Persian Gulf and Oman Sea

oman-sea-persanIran is planning to use the Persian Gulf and the Oman Sea as a point of supply to regions hardly hit by drought. 15 provinces in the central and southern region have had less than 47% of average precipitations. Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian said they have invested in a project that will transfer water from the Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman to the needy regions. Several regions of Iran have been experiencing drought for the past years forcing the farmers to turn to well water irrigation.
Minister Chitchian was briefing the Qom about the projects his ministry has undertaken. The water from the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman will be desalinated. Their aqua life is not expected to be affected. The minister revealed that water consumption has been rising although the existing water resources have decreased to 10billion cubic meters from the previous 130. Water usage in Iran is dominated by agricultural activities which accounts for around 92%.
The transfer of desalinated water is considered as a better option to the construction of dams. Some provincial governors and Parliament members believe that dams could be the solution but Minister Chitchian explained that “new dams will not add to any water resources and will instead distribute the same resources’ waters, while some of the constructed dams have not reserved much water behind them.”
More than half of Iran’s population is below 25. The demand for water is increasing. There are fears that if a plan is not developed to answer the water issue by the authorities, it could lead to internal crisis before exploding into neighboring countries. Social and demographic changes are creating pressures on available water supplies.

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