Iraq : PM al-Maliki seeks international help against ISIL

nouri-al-maliki-isilIraq has called for international support after witnessing one of the bloodiest days, more than 75 people killed, for several months. The government’s campaign against the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) was also dealt a major setback as government forces lose more ground at Anbar. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has stated that the fight will be “long” and urged the international community to act before it’s too late. ISIL controls Fallujah and parts of the provincial capital, Ramadi.
The Iraqi government showed its intentions to crush the ISIL when it ordered air strikes on them. However, the situation seems to be much more complicated than it expected. Its ground forces are on the retreat since Tuesday. ISIL continues to gain grounds. Its members are determined to establish an Islamic state in the territories under their control.
To quell the advancement of the ISIL, Prime Minister al-Maliki signaled that “any house from which fire opened against our security forces will be a target”. He wants to discourage the Anbar population from supporting or collaborating with the ISIL. He has urged local tribesmen to expel them but his calls were met with angry reactions from the Sunni minority that accuses him of oppression.
In a bid to catch the international community’s attention, the Prime Minister warned that the failure to neutralize the ISIL could jeopardize regional and global security. He urged them to support his government’s effort before “the creation of evil states that could wreak havoc”are established because “the battle will be long and continue”.
The army is also locked in a standoff with Sunni fighters who overran Fallujah, a city west of Baghdad, more than two weeks ago in a challenge to Maliki’s Shia-led government.

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