Bahrain’s failure will lead to regional terror

bahrain-prime-minister-khalifaA report from the Gulf Daily News has warned that the failure to control the systematic and organized terror that Bahrain is facing could soon be regional terror. His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa urged for the unity of Bahrainis and Arabs in general to withstand the ongoing challenges they are facing especially terror.
The Prince warned that Bahrain could be used as a point of entry to propagate terror and called for a very strong and clear stance against it. Bahrain has been experiencing the rise of organized terror acts directed towards its security and stability. He fears that if those behind the terror acts are able to destabilize Bahrain, the region as a whole will not be save.
The call to react accordingly in order to limit such an enormous consequence was made during a reception with several intellectuals, media houses, business personneland some citizens. Prime Minister Prince Khalifa insisted on the importance of unity as he deplored the state of disunity and differences existing among Arab states. He reminded those present that there is “enough of disunity, discords, divisions and internecine disagreements”.
Arab countries were warned to be on the alert due to the conspiracies against them and the lethal repercussions that they might face if they fail to react.
Dwelling on the importance of being grateful, Prime Minister Khalifa decried the fact that “some hands belonging to this country” have allowed themselves to be misled and deceived by other countries. He termed them as “tools of evil” who have betrayed Bahrain despite the fact that “they owe so much to this country”. He applauded government efforts in reducing their numbers and stood against foreign interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs.

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