Qatar: Egypt warns Qatar of “consequences” after “interference”comments

qatar-egypt-warns-consequenceThe political relationship between Qatar and Egypt is on the heat again after criticisms from Doha were considered as inference in internal affairs by Cairo. Following the crackdown on Morsi supporters during the weekend, Qatar accused the Egyptian government of targeting “peaceful demonstrators” as terrorists in order to implement “a shoot-to-kill policy”. Cairo considered the remark as a provocation and warned countries to restrain from such remarks or face the “consequences”.
Qatar was a strong supporter of the ousted government headed by the Muslim Brotherhood. It has been critical of the interim government. On Saturday, the decision was made to classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group. Doha was shocked by the decision claiming that it was motivated by the government’s failure in “stopping the peaceful protests” of “popular political movements”.
Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood have taken to the streets since 3rd July to contest the military’s decision to oust President Morsi from power. Government’s effort to disperse them has often led to fatalities with the latest one on Saturday leaving 17 people dead. Qatar believes that the decision to term the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group is due to the government’s desperateness. More than a thousand people have died since the crisis began.
Egypt did not welcome the statements and summoned Qatar’s ambassador to Cairo, Saif Moqadam Al-Boenain. Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmi said that “there must be a stance taken with regard to any interference in Egypt’s internal affairs, not forgiving those who overstep its rights”.
Spokesman Badr Abdelatty of the Foreign Ministry stressed that Egypt “will not allow any external party to interfere in its internal affairs under any name or justification” and added that any country doing so bears “the responsibility for the consequences.”

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